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Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 17th week from April 25th to May 7th.

The Numbers of Ecosystem

17th week - Weekly Daily Report - New

17th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (2)

Highlights of this Week

  • NEAR Town Hall April 2022 – The future of music, entertainment, NFTs, and games on NEAR Protocol.
  • SWEAT has seen more than 1.5m wallets being created in less than 3 weeks since launching on NEAR Protocol.
  • USN Stablecoin has been introduced – A NEAR native stablecoin First Lenders will most likely earn a 20% APY. Ref Finance allows you to purchase and sell $USN directly, or you may utilize the built-in swap mechanism in the NEAR Wallet and Sender wallet.
  • Phemex Exchange launched $NEAR for trading on their platform. and Bitget Global listed $NEAR.
  • Flux Protocol reached $3 Billion Total Valued Secure(TVS) across NEAR Protocol and Aurora.
  • Bastion Protocol $BSTN is now live on CoinMarketCap.
  • Aurigami coming soon to the Bybit Launchpad 2.0.
  • Spin Order Book DEX is live on NEAR Mainnet.
  • Aurigami, Burrow, and Bastion were all among the top 10 DeFi industry projects in terms of TVL growth in the past 7 days.
  • Stake $NEAR in Bastion Staked NEAR Realm and earn 22.59% APY.
  • Impossible Finance Releases a research report on Aurigami. By improving upon DeFi Kingdom’s Garden Model, Aurigami will be utilizing a two-token model that essentially enables users to farm locked-PLY through PULP. By having such a model, both the project and the users are able to align long-term interests, leading to the sustainability aspect that has been represented with their token design.
  • Aurigami will be having $PLY Token Distribution (IDO) through Kucoin, Bybit and Impossible Finance.
  • Meson.fi launched on Aurora. Enjoy lightning-fast USDT & USDC swaps with Meson across Aurora and the other 7 chains!
  • ONUS Finance listed $AURORA.
  • MetaPool introduced $META Rewards for stNEAR and Multichain Realm on Bastion.
  • OIN Finance introduces the “AstroFarming Product Feature” of OINDAO V3. Farm USDC-USDT TLP from Trisolaris while you leverage.
  • Obelisk Organization is prepping for an audit of Polaris Finance smart contracts
  • $USN is live on Burrow Cash Testnet.
  • $USN is listed on Spin testnet.
  • Tonic DEX testnet is out. Go give it a spin.
  • $LINEAR <> $wNEAR upcoming farm coming up on Ref Finance.
  • BlueBit has been audited by HashEx DeFi.
  • Ref Finance: $USN<>$USDT Farms is out and deposits are open.
  • Guide for farming on JUMBO Exchange.
  • DEIP IDO successfully completed.
  • $marmaj-$stNEAR Farm is live on Ref Finance. Stake your $marmaj and $stNEAR and earn rewards in $REF, $PXT, and $marmaj.
  • KokumoKongz staking is LIVE. Go to kokumokongz.net, click stake your Kokumo to earn $PLASMA.
  • ASAC DAO donated $10K to DAO2EARN Programme.
  • NEARNauts x TAYC Coin Flip: TAYC will build a custom Coin Flip for NEARNauts.
  • NEARNAUTS owners will have access to NFT analytics and staking solutions provided by Terraspaces.
  • You can now use Ref Finance’s $REF to play on EngiNeart Casino.
  • ZomboDucks is building a unique gaming platform on NEAR Protocol.
  • Unique One introduced a community-owned digital art NFT marketplace on NEAR.

Partnership Highlight this Week

  • Crust Network partnered with NEAR Protocol to Introduce Decentralized Storage Solutions.
  • ReFi: OFP April Recap – OFP Partners with Ivory Coast, ReFi Twitter Spaces, OFPNaut & More.
  • PembRock Finance made a partnership with Alameda Research.
  • DEIP-Aurora partnership seeks to advance NFT technology and Web3 adoption.
  • UniqArt x Apollo 42 Marketplace will help NFT artists get more attention, build community and create educational content for $NEAR.
  • NearTrees NFT announced a partnership with Tenk DAO
  • Vexed Apes Club partnered with Flipping Coin NFT to launch the IGNITE LAUNCHPAD on NEAR Protocol.
  • NEAR Wallet integration is live on Tamago.
  • Panda Millionaires announced a partnership with Enleap Launchpad and The Munky Monkey
  • FriendlySeaCreatures announced a partnership with Near Tinker Union


  • In the NEAR University, you may study, earn, and interact with your peers. There are courses for all ability levels, and no prior coding knowledge is required to participate in Web3. And you can enroll yourself and start creating Web3 platforms. Learn more and sign up for the certified developer training.

Fundraising & Grants

  • StarryNightNFTs received a grant from NEAR Foundation.
  • DAOcubator $500K Seed Fund: Astro DAO Incubator for funding and supporting new DAOs.
  • Raiz Vertical Farms received a NEAR Foundation Grant.
  • Relayz received a $50K development grant from NEAR Protocol. Relayz is a decentralized anonymous hyper-secure web3 videoconferencing ecosystem that is being built on top of the NEAR Protocol.
  • Ready Layer One podcast received a grant from the NEAR Marketing DAO.
  • Tonic DEX raises $5m to build a DeFi platform on NEAR Protocol.
  • Trisolaris received another DeFi grant from Proximity.


  • The NEAR Core Development team at Pagoda has introduced Public Protocol Meetings. Pagoda provides a monthly update on the protocol development, and new features being released, and opens it up for a community Q&A,
  • NEAR Private Shards: Businesses are now easily able to spin up their private network via Calimero, a Private Shard as a service platform built on $NEAR.
  • Aurora launched its bug bounty program on Immunefi. Find those bugs and get up to $6,000,000 in rewards.
  • Ref Finance DeFi Safety score jumps by 30% and is now at 83%. The coming Bug Bounty program coming will improve this score further.

Upcoming Events

Atocha Protocol will be having their IDO on NearPad on 9 May 2022.


The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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