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Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 18th week from May 2 to May 8.

The Numbers of Ecosystem

18th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (8)

18th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (10)

News Highlight this Week

18th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (9)

  • $USN is the ultimate alpha of NEAR Protocol. An overview of the sustainability and yield generation of $USN.
  • $USN <> $NEAR swapping is now available on DecentralBank Swap. $USN had successful launches on Ref FinanceBurrow, and Crafting Finance. Also, there have been rumors of Alameda Research on a $USN mint spree.
  • Sweat Economy keeps its impressive wallet growth. More than 4m wallets were created in less than a month.
  • Burrow released their roadmap for April-June 2022. $USN integration and MetaMask support coming up. Their multi-token rewards also went live.
  • InsurAce – The first insurance protocol has gone live on NEAR.
  • $NEAR got listed on Phemex.
  • Beefy Finance: $AURORA – $NEAR LP currently offering +300% APY.
  • KYVE Network launched incentivized testnet. Complete different tasks that test the network’s performance, features, & more, and earn $KYVE rewards along the way. Kyve is building a Web3 data lake solution. Making data reliable, permanently stored, and easily accessible.
  • Delphi Digital made a thorough analysis on the Aurora Network.
  • $PLY is now live and trading on Trisolaris using Rift Finance’s liquidity infrastructure. $PLY is live and trading on Kucoin and Bybit.
  • TriSolaris introduced 5Pool Stableswap with $USN $UST $FRAX $USDT and $USDC Liquidity Pools for users to easily swap between them.
  • Vaporwave announced their backers for the recent seed funding round.
  • Amaterasu Finance vaults for NEAR, wNEAR, Aurora, stNEAR, Shitzu, TRI, and BSTN are live.
  • PinkPea Finance announced the second round for $PEA pre-mining. It will run from May 3-17th.
  • Fusotao Protocol announced their full IDO list.
  • Spin Fi: $USN <> $USDC available on mainnet.
  • $DEIP is now listed on MEXC.
  • Pembrock Finance IDO is going live on SmartPad.
  • Stake Net, created by UniqueOne, aspires to be the number one stacking and vesting software for the $NEAR + $OCT ecosystem.
  • Fluxus Finance is a NEAR-native yield aggregator, auto-compounder & yield optimizer.
  • OP Games: Web 3 round table on basic tokenomics. A walk-through of token economics and how it can benefit games and their communities.
  • Atocha Protocol is joining the Aurora network.. Their IDO is just around the corner.
  • WannaSpin mainnet is gone live. WannaSpin is an NEAR Protocol-based decentralized probabilistic all-or-nothing game.
  • DAO Records launches SoundSplash 2022, a 12-week Metaverse Music Event Series that will premiere their Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, which is built on NEAR.
  • Mintbase presented a roundup of the latest improvements & new features on Mintbase on April 2022
  • Seatlab is building its platform using a native $SEAT token. Launching soon on Skyward Finance. You should check out their new mini-series, Feature Friday, where they run through some of the features they’re building for the platform.
  • The Auction Marketplace is now live on Beta-Mainnet·
  • TAYC staking with locking system is now live.
  • Woodland 2000 Trust has joined Open Forest Protocol as a Project Operator. Woodlands 2000 Trust is a Kisaju-based community-based conservation group that promotes indigenous tree growth throughout Kenya by offering afforestation and other services.
  • OFP’s validators bring state-of-the-art forest expertise and remote sensing technologies to verify data sent from the forest project operators.
  • OFP announced their first validator of May: WEO.

Partnership Highlight this Week

  • Finance on the Curve Aurora Network integration Proximity Labs, NEAR Protocol’s DeFi center, will award up to $7.5 million in grants to Curve.
  • Crystals of Naramunz collaborates with PwC to establish industry-first transparency standards for web 3.0 gaming.
  • Polaris Finance is integrated with MetaPool stNEAR.
  • Killswitch was included into Debank’s DeFi Portfolio Manager.
  • PembRock Finance has announced a collaboration with Move Capital and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the MetaYield Kickstarter platform.
  • TENK DAO has launched a new collaboration with Near Nature.
  • Haven DAO launched a joint venture with Terraspaces.
  • Secret Skellies has partnered with NEARKits.
  • Near Hot Dogs has announced a collaboration with NEAR Punks.
  • Metaseed is partnering with Atocha Protocol. Metaseed is a peer-to-peer gaming environment based on the NEAR Protocol.
  • Cogitent Ventures collaborated with Exxaverse.
  • ETH Miami has been named an Ecosystem Partner by NEAR Hacker House.


  • You can learn, earn and connect among friends at NEAR University. Courses for all levels, no prior coding skills are needed to get involved with Web3.
  • You can enroll yourself and start creating Web3 platforms. Read more and enroll in the certified developer course.

Fundraising & Grants

  • NEAR Foundation has awarded DAO HQ a $50,000 grant. They’re creating a one-stop-shop for you to learn about, invest in, and participate in DAOs, and they were recently highlighted in Forbes after earning $1.3 million in pre-seed funding.
  • DAOcubator $500K Seed Fund: The Astro DAO Incubator is a fundraising and support platform for budding DAOs.
  • The top five projects in Octopus Network’s accelerator program will get $50,000 in funding.


  • NEAR Core update – deployed by Pagoda now allows nodes to enable debug mode on the fly. Node performance improved by reducing GC fork limit by 10x.
  • Att. Validators a new version of nearcore 1.26.0-rc.2 for testnet was released.
  • DEIP Protocol: Casimir Website is live! Casimir is a low-code framework developed at DEIP to accelerate and expand the Web3 development cycle.

Upcoming Events

  • SoundSplash 2022 a 12-week Metaverse Music Event Series that will launch DAO Record’s Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, built on NEAR. May 4 – July 27.
  • Permissionless in Miami May 17 – 19th
  • Davos May 22 – 26th
  • Split Blockchain Conference May 24 – 25th
  • Seatlab NFT IDO: $SEAT is launching on Skyward Finance, May 24-30.
  • Consensus Austin June 9 – 12th
  • NEAR Protocol is a platinum sponsor of The Graph Hack 2022.


The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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