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Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 23rd week from May 9 to May 15.

The Numbers of Ecosystem

19th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (4)

News Highlight this Week

19th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (7)

  • NEAR Protocol crossed 10m total accounts.
  • Aurora Labs launched a $90M fund in partnership with Proximity Labs to attract developers and boost DeFi apps on NEAR Protocol. “The Aurora DAO continues its mission to extend the Ethereum economy outside the Ethereum blockchain and I’m happy that Proximity Labs accompanies us on the journey. Proximity will manage the tokens and provide grants to developers interested in building DeFi-based applications on Aurora. This grant is a big step in the development of the Aurora ecosystem”, Dr. Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs.
  • Sweat Economy wrapped up the first month since launching on NEAR Protocol. 5m wallets created and 126m km walked.
  • Decentral Bank commented on the recent market conditions & the USN peg defense mechanisms.
  • Ref Finance reached a new ATH in daily trading volume: +$165m.
  • NEAR launches Kenya Regional Hub to support blockchain projects and talent in Africa. According to CoinTelegraph NEAR Foundation is backing Kenya-based blockchain community Sankore to educate and train blockchain developers and analysts to support the growth of local projects: From smart insurance to on-chain document verification, here’s how NEAR aims to make an impact in Kenya.
  • Bastion Protocol bridging tutorials compilation.
  • UAE-Based NewTribe Capital to invest $5M in blockchain projects building on NEAR Protocol.
  • 4NTS Guild presented their “Community Building 101” workshop feat. NEAR community veterans.
  • The 1st NEAR Hacker House event is going live this week in Miami.
  • AstroDAO passed its security audit with Halborn – elite cybersecurity for a blockchain firm.
  • Upgrade to AstroDAO V3 Before May 25TH for Exciting New Features.
  • Introducing Near-multicall. A tool for DAOs on NEAR protocol to execute an arbitrary number of actions in a single proposal.
  • Aurora DAO approved the $AURORA staking contract. To be able to launch its decentralized governance safely and to reward its long-term token holders, Aurora needed a staking contract for the $AURORA token.
  • Bastion Protocol liquidity mining has been turned ON for Bastion Stableswap.
  • $Aurora was officially listed on Burrow’s lending platform.
  • Trisolaris Labs reaches 100M Trading volume on the Trisolaris DEX.
  • DePocket added the $AURORA token into its DeFi portfolio tracker.
  • reBaked is launching on Aurora as the Ethereum-compatible scaling solution. reBaked aims to evolve as the main hub for the distribution of community treasuries across projects building on NEAR Protocol.
  • $MetaPool: Users can now get $stNEAR directly from Aurora by liquid staking your $wNEAR with MetaPool using Metamask.
  • OIN Finance: OINDAOV3 Update.
  • Mutant Swap: 3 new farms have been added recently.
  • Ref Finance announced a new liquidity pool with Huobi: $wBTC <> $HBTC.
  • DEIP is now listed on CoinMarketCap.
  • Geotreesolution becomes Open Forest Protocol‘s latest validator.
  • Bullish Bulls DAO updated their roadmap describing the next chapter for Bulls DAO
  • Paras is now using NearBlocks for tracking user transactions.

19th week - Weekly Daily Report - New (6)

Partnership Highlight this Week

  • Stack Sports partnered with NEAR Foundation to make NFTs more accessible to sports. The stack will be working with NEAR Foundation to launch an athlete-focused NFT platform giving all athletes an opportunity to create and mint their own NFTs on the NEAR blockchain. Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry with nearly 50 million users in 35 countries.
  • Flux Protocol announced it has partnered with KaikoData, a leading digital assets market data provider whose data feeds power major international financial institutions and enterprises. This collaboration will allow innovative DeFi projects to get industrial-grade data to power their applications. A quick look at KaikoData’s feeds includes price data from over 100 centralized exchanges & blockchains when it comes to decentralized exchanges, compliant market data covering 10+ years of historical data, and 55+ billion tick-level data points.
  • Burrow has an integrated Sender Wallet.
  • HAPI integrated to JUMBO Exchange.
  • Sender Wallet announced a strategic partnership with LiNEAR. LiNEAR Protocol TVL recently became trackable on DeFiLlama. LiNEAR is a liquid staking protocol built on NEAR Protocol.
  • MetaFighter announced a partnership with Safegram.


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Fundraising & Grants

  • Dapp Looker received a grant from NEAR Foundation. Features to be available to NEAR Protocol users & ecosystem include: Browse Smart Contracts & subgraph data in visual form, Write SQL queries on the NEAR on-chain dataset, Build charts, and dashboards using drag/drop builder, and share dashboards with your community.
  • Lifetise has been awarded a grant from NEAR to build a fintech metaverse on NEAR Protocol.
  • Minting Music and Naksh Market made a partnership.
  • Attarius and Aurora join forces to bring Attarius’ Game API integration to Aurora. Attarius is an all-in-one NFT Ecosystem for the gaming industry.
  • Beta Private Auctions on the Platform are now live and a partnership with NEAR Hub was announced.


  • Att. Validators a new version of nearcore 1.26.0-rc.2 for testnet was released.
  • NEAR Protocol is a platinum sponsor of The Graph Hack 2022.
  • The NEAR Core Development team at Pagoda has introduced Public Protocol Meetings. Pagoda provides a monthly update on the protocol development, and new features being released, and opens it up for a community Q&A.
  • NEAR Private Shards are now easily able to spin up their private network via Calimero, a Private Shard as a service platform built on $NEAR.
  • Pocket Network now supports the NEAR protocol. Pocket Network provides Decentralised RPC Protocol services.
  • NEAR Protocol will be sponsoring ETH Shanghai.

Upcoming Events

SoundSplash 2022 a 12-week Metaverse Music Event Series that will launch DAO Record’s Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, built on NEAR. May 4 – July 27.

Permissionless in Miami from May 17 – 19th

Davos from May 22 – 26th

Split Blockchain Conference from May 24 – 25th

$SEAT is launching on Skyward Finance, May 24-30.

Consensus Austin June 9 – 12th


The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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