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21st weekly

Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 21st week from May 23 to May 29.

The Numbers of Ecosystem

21st week

News Highlight this Week

  • Sweat Economy hits an impressive 7m wallets in 7 weeks after launch.
  • The Aurora Network is live on DappRadar. You can now explore the data of your favorite Aurora Dapps on dappradar.com.
  • NearPay revealed that in June they will be launching a wallet web version, virtual cards, iOS and Android apps, and physical cards.
  • Ref Finance: The first $USN incentive on NEAR Protocol is live, 500K $USN to be distributed per month. It includes $USN incentive deep dive, new farms, and integrations. Lastly, the $USN – $cUSD pool launched featuring two of the most prominent ecosystem stablecoins – Farming has begun.
  • Octopus Network got their $OCT token listed on Huobi Global and on Onus Finance.
  • Bloomberg Crypto named NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament as one of the UK’s key crypto players.
  • Roketo’s streaming payments platform, which was the Metabuidl hackathon grand prize winner, released a big v2 update. If you want to know more about Roketo you should check out their latest AMA session.
  • $BRRR staking is live! Similar to a veToken model, Burrow users can now stake $BRRR in the protocol to get $xBRRR.
  • $LiNEAR is now listed on Burrow.
  • Flux Protocol published a set of revised tokenomics, the “Flux Token Distribution Amendment”. The Flux team and contributors have aligned on a long-term vision of Flux as the data layer of web3 and have extended their vesting and lock-up.
  • DappLooker for NEAR is now available with $stNEAR and staking dashboard. Users will be able to run SQL queries on smart contracts deployed on NEAR Protocol and Graph Protocol subgraph data, create charts/dashboards, and more.
  • Tonic DEX’s order book is live on NEAR mainnet. $NEAR/$USDC will be the first supported trading pair on the platform. Tonic DEX charges fees for taker orders and offers a percentage of taker fees to makers as an incentive.
  • Fusotao Protocol got listed on CoinMarketCap and introduced their “GENERATE KEY” feature on FXDX. This feature basically allows users to grant third-party users who could be expert traders access to their trading accounts without granting them access to transfer funds.
  • Spin Finance’s instant Swap function is now live on mainnet: 0.1% for $NEAR, $REF, $AURORA and 0.04% for $USN.
  • Alpha Leaks with AVB: Introducing Spin Finance, DeFi Derivatives Infrastructure on NEAR Protocol.
  • MooPay is live on the NEAR testnet and will be launching on the mainnet shortly. MooPay is a no-code, non-custodial payments solution for creators.
  • The $AURORA token is now supported by the Trust Crypto Wallet.
  • NEARStarter published its roadmap overview. NEARStarter is a next-gen launchpad being built on NEAR Protocol.
  • Metapool has created a light version of staking on Aurora. Users can send $stNEAR through the Rainbow Bridge directly to Aurora from NEAR and then swap $stNEAR directly on Aurora on Trisolaris, and Wannaswap
  • Lend $NEAR on Bastion’s staked $NEAR realm for 54.20% APY.
  • $USN deposit is now live on Aurigami.
  • Amaterasu Finance deployed a new feature, their DEX aggregator.
  • $DBIO is now live on $AURORA. DeBio is a Decentralized Bio Network and an anonymity-first platform for medical and bioinformatics data.
  • Buffer Finance launched their Dynamic Option Vaults (DOVs) on Aurora Mainnet. Buffer Finance is a gamified on-chain multi-asset options trading platform & prediction market
  • As part of Open Forest Protocol‘s Project Operator network, Let’s Green the Future Trust (LGF) will be utilizing OFP’s Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform and technology to transparently prove the existence and growth of their forests across all 10 hectares of the Greening Kuwadzana project. LGF is a NGO from Zimbabwe focused on sustainable practices and eco-education through grassroots development, particularly through the inclusion of women and youth.
  • NEAR Protocol is a platinum sponsor of The Graph Hack 2022.
  • NEARHUB launched the new metaverse space for Human Guild.
  • AuroraDoves announced info about breeding, staking, and token launch.
  • Paras launches an auction feature and users can now run their own NFT auction from your Paras profile page.
  • Unique One is the first EVM-compatible appchain launched on Octopus Network to sustain evolutionary developments in the NFTspace.
  • MonkeONear revealed their ECONEAR features. ECONEAR is the first community voting tool on NEAR with a built-in data analytics system.

Partnership Highlight this Week

  • ConsenSys announced a collaboration between the NEAR Protocol and Infura, its leading blockchain development platform. The integration allows Web3 developers to have access to new non-EVM compliant blockchains and provides the NEAR Protocol community with access to the more than 430,000 Infura developers who are already creating and growing Web3 apps.
  • NearPay was partnerships with PembRock Finance and GetBlock were announced.
  • Loozr partnered with NEAR Protocol. Loozr is a music streaming platform that allows music creators to convert their potential and songs into fungible traded assets on the blockchain. They will be working with NEAR on a multi-chain music universe for both creators and music lovers.
  • Polaris Finance was a partnership with Autofarmnetwork.
  • Aurora collaborated with Covalent, which has been connected with the Aurora mainnet, allowing data access to the network. With their Unified API, Covalent is the premier provider of indexing solutions for blockchains. This connection substantially improves the Aurora development experience by giving developers with consistent, high-quality data that allows them to build quicker and more easily. Covalent is trusted by over 15,000 developers and powers data for over 500 applications.
  • Spin_fi has collaborated with Sender Wallet, and Sender will soon be integrated, giving customers the choice of connecting to Spin using either NEAR’s native wallet or Sender’s browser plugin.
  • Mr. Brown NFT has established a collaboration with Terraspaces. In the future, the Brown Family will be able to stake NFTs on their platform to have access to the analytical dashboard they are developing, as well as construct their own staking pools.
  • Mintbase partnered with NEARblocks.
  • Itsmyne partnered with MooPay. Payments on the ItsMyne platform will now be powered by MooPay.
  • Paras incorporated Bullish Bulls’ NEARTracker data service to bring greater insight into your favorite collections.
  • AlphaArt is integrating NEAR NFTs on their NFT marketplace.
  • OP Games partnered with Yield Guild Games SEA to bring more Web3 games to SE Asia.
  • BlueBit Finance collaborates with Trisolaris to upgrade BBT-wNEAR pool to a dual-reward pool.


You can learn, earn and connect among friends in the NEAR community. Courses for all levels, no prior coding skills are needed to get involved with Web3.

Funding & Grants

  • Tamago, the decentralized music streaming NFT Hybrid built on NEAR Protocol, is making waves in audio streaming. The project recently raised a $1 million seed round, and the news made it onto Billboard.
  • Jumbo Exchange received a grant from Proximity Labs to accelerate the NEAR DeFi ecosystem development and added even more incentives into the $JUMBO : $AURORA farming pool.
  • Loozr partnered with NEAR Protocol and received a grant from the NEAR Foundation. Loozr is a music streaming platform that allows music creators to convert their potential and songs into fungible traded assets on the blockchain. They will be working with NEAR on a multi-chain music universe for both creators and music lovers.
  • HEO Finance closed their Private Round A. Help Each Other (HEO) is a DeFi crowdfunding platform that removes geographical and political limitations from fundraising.
  • NFT PAWN received a grant from NEAR Foundation to build out the first NFT P2P lending marketplace on the NEAR blockchain.
  • GetBlock received a development grant from NEAR Protocol. GetBlock is a Blockchain node infrastructure for building dApps.
  • The Cypherpunk Guild announced the funding of a $40k USD grant to Incognito, for the creation and deployment of a NEAR<>Incognito bridge, that will allow users to trade any NEAR token cross-chain anonymously.


  • near-sdk-rs 4.0.0 version is out. This release was delayed to be able to incorporate a better cross-contract API, in the future these stable releases will come more frequently.
  • ATT Validators a new version of nearcore 1.27.0-rc.1 has been released
  • The NEAR Core Development team at Pagoda has introduced Public Protocol Meetings. Pagoda provides a monthly update on the protocol development, and new features being released, and opens it up for a community Q&A.
  • NEAR Private Shards: Businesses are now easily able to spin up their private network via Calimero, a Private Shard as a service platform built on $NEAR.
  • Pocket Network now supports the NEAR protocol. Pocket Network provides Decentralised RPC Protocol services.

Upcoming Events

  • NEARCON BETA will be held in Lisbon from September 12-14 and will be the biggest NEAR Protocol event to date.
  • Human Guild published a thread on upcoming gaming and metaverse Projects being built on NEAR.
  • NEARNaut’s Astroverse Collective: $ASTRO preSale is coming soon on Skyward Finance.
  • SoundSplash 2022 a 12-week Metaverse Music Event Series that will launch DAO Record’s Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, built on NEAR. May 4 – July 27.
  • Starry Nights art exhibition event will be held in Los Angeles on July 2nd.
  • Consensus Austin June 9 – 12th
  • NEAR Hacker House Austin, TX. Join NEAR Protocol for the second-ever Hacker House during Consensus, June 8–12.

The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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