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Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 22nd week from May 30 to June 5.

22nd week recap - Weekly Daily Report - New
22nd Week Recap

The Numbers of Ecosystem

22nd Week Recap
22nd Week Recap

Highlights of this Week


  • The NEAR Foundation released highlights from NEAR at Davos. While Web3 was not officially on the WEF agenda, its presence loomed big, reiterating the obvious: blockchain and digital assets, as well as rising mass interest in cryptocurrency, are driving the new financial environment. NEAR representatives were interviewed by Coindesk, Forkast News, Bloomberg TV, and Reuters as part of their Davos press coverage.
  • Ref Finance has announced the release of tokenomics 2.0 and a farm update. Ref is launching veLP Token (voting escrow token) and a “Love Token.” Your locked LP position in the $REF> $wNEAR pool generates veLPT and LOVE. The veLP Token cannot be transferred. Your veLP Tokens are linked to the REF/wNEAR LP tokens you’ve frozen for X duration, indicating your voting power. You may actively engage in the allocation of agricultural incentives, as well as governance recommendations, with veLPT.
  • The NEAR Foundation has developed the Balkans Regional Hub, which will help to speed the onboarding of Web3 talent and blockchain initiatives in the Balkans. Borderless Tech Association’s Balkans Regional Hub is the newest, but surely not the final, node in the NEAR Foundation’s continuous efforts to globalize and democratize the Web3 economy.
  • Burrow: Users may now withdraw and transfer their $BRRR tokens now that $BRRR has been enabled. Stake your $BRRR to obtain $xBRRR and 1) gain doubled (2-4x) prizes (including $USN) and 2) VOTE on how Burrow works and maintains its treasury in the future.
  • TrustRecruit has been added to the Appchain Candidate pipeline by Octopus Network. TrustRecruit is a new NFT Resume Marketplace that employs NFT technology to authenticate and store job applicants’ education, skills, and performance information. The NFT Resumes are then matched with appropriate job advertisements using TrustRecruit’s proprietary AI engine.
  • In Q3 2022, Coinhall from the Terra Ecosystem will assist the NEAR ecosystem. Terra pricing, charts, swap aggregations, and analytics are now available in real-time across all AMM DEXes via Coinhall.
  • Allbridge created a tutorial to help users navigate the $USN-4Pool. Learn how to bridge $USN to Solana and join the USN-4Pool on Mercurial Finance.
  • Ref Finance launched a $BRRR>$wNEAR farm with $BRRR & $REF incentives.
  • NEAR Protocol is getting an orderly network. On top of NEAR, Orderly is a permissionless, decentralized trade protocol and modular ecosystem. It employs an on-chain order book to give a framework for dApps to develop on, replete with a risk engine, matching engine and shared asset pools. Financial tools like Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Perpetual Swaps, and Lending and Borrowing will be available in dApps developed on the Orderly.
  • Skyward Finance intends to make a strategic investment in Burrow’s $BRRR token and has begun a token sale of 1000 SKYWARD tokens to fund cash.has started a sale of 1000 SKYWARD tokens to raise capital.
  • Spin_fi’s trading contest is now live, and the platform’s DEX smart contracts are being reviewed by BlockApex.DEX smart contracts are audited by BlockApex.
  • Tonic DEX listed the pair: $USN/$USDC
  • Fusotao Protocol released an article on the relationship between Fusotao Protocol and FXDX – The first trustless orderbook-based DEX on Fusotao. Also, don’t forget to check out the details of their upcoming IDO on Poolz Finance.
  • PembRock Finance: $PEM got listed on CoinGecko, Ref Finance, and Jumbo Exchange.
  • Magellan launches the first liquidity aggregator on NEAR.
  • NEARStarter announced the start of the NEARStarter Ambassador Program.
  • $AURORA Token is now live on Crafting Finance Mainnet.
  • $MYRIA is live on AURORA
  • Trisolaris will be rolling out $pTRI as a new TRI staking mechanism and is the first step of the TriNomics revamp. xTRI will be paused and its trading fees share will switch to pTRI. Going forward, stablecoin rewards are offered instead of more $TRI.
  • Aurigami: Liquidity mining rewards for $USDC have been rebalanced.
  • Polaris Finance launched $ORBITAL. $ORBITAL is another pegged asset in the Polaris ecosystem that is pegged to the price of 1 $BTC via seigniorage.
  • Carbon Finance farms are live. Carbon Finance is the first Fantasm Fork with a synthetic peg to $NEAR on Aurora.
  • OP Games published another article on the “Ever-Expanding Arcadia”. Arcadia is just like the retro arcade halls of the past — except in the metaverse. This is the basic idea and with the power of Web 3 and blockchain technology, the experience of stepping into this virtual world of fun and adventure will resemble more and more the gaming fantasies we’ve been dreaming of for years.
  • Atocha Protocol is officially running on Octopus Network mainnet.
  • PixelDapps released Chain Team Tactics(Beta).
  • YGG SEA, a subDAO of Yield Guild Games, is hosting Game Night with OP Games from June 3-5.
  • Pocket Network now supports NEAR protocol. Pocket Network provides Decentralised RPC Protocol services.


  • Mintbase tech update: Introducing Featured Store Section, NearBlocks Integration and more.
  • DEIP will merge the physical and digital worlds by opening the very first embassy at renowned Swiss gallery, Weng Contemporary.
  • SeatlabNFT published an article on the potential of NFT airdrops. Attendees of live events can have NFT momentoes airdropped directly to their wallets, either before, during, or after an event. These NFT airdrops could be almost anything; the possibilities are yet to be fully realized. Putting this into context, artists and event organizers can offer different levels of NFT tickets, with select premium ticket types receiving an airdrop, either advertised or a ‘mystery airdrop’.
  • Aurobots the exclusive collection of 111 NFTs from Aurora giving you benefits on Aurora+ launched on Endemic.

The partnership of this Week

  • LiNEAR partnered with Flux Protocol to provide fully decentralized price feeds. Flux will provide LiNEAR with oracle price feeds, making it possible for community members to use $LiNEAR in lending protocols, derivatives DEXs, synthetic assets protocols, etc. on the NEAR and Aurora network.
  • GetBlock Explorer partnered with NearPay.
  • Roketo has partnered with Aurora who is funding $50K to build a new function that will allow Roketo to stream Aurora tokens built on its blockchain.
  • Open Forest Protocol partners with Solid World DAO. As part of the energy around the partnership, Solid World DAO and OFP hosted a Twitter Spaces event that touched on the challenges of the current carbon market scene, how OFP is pioneering a game-changing solution, and Solid Word DAO’s vital role.
  • NFT Pawn partnered with The Dons.
  • Near Future partnered with the Tinkers Union and will use Enleap as their launchpad for NFT’s on NEAR going forward.
  • Coreto.io is integrating with NEAR Protocol. Core to is a reputation-based crypto platform seeking to build an ecosystem-based on reputation, shared knowledge, and verifiable facts. They aim to become the benchmark of trust and performance for traders, influencers, crypto enthusiasts, and project teams.

Funding & Grants

  • Tamago raised a $1 million seed round. This funding will enable Tamago to continue its mission of putting money in the pockets of artists in new and innovative ways, reimagining the streaming platform model through a combination of Web3 and NFT technology.
  • Dojo Finance received a grant from the NEAR Foundation for the development of a cross-chain wallet built on the NEAR Protocol.
  • GetBlock received a development grant from NEAR Protocol.. GetBlock is a Blockchain node infrastructure for building dApps.


You can learn, earn and connect among friends at NEAR University. Courses for all levels, no prior coding skills are needed to get involved with Web3.

Enroll yourself and start creating Web3 platforms. Read more and enroll in the certified developer course.


  • Pagoda released a new version of nearcore 1.26.1 for Mainnet.
  • ATT Validators a new version of nearcore 1.27.0-rc.1 has been released
  • NEAR Protocol is a platinum sponsor of The Graph Hack 2022.
  • The NEAR Core Development team at Pagoda has introduced Public Protocol Meetings. Pagoda provides a monthly update on the protocol development, new features being released, and opens it up for a community Q&A,
  • NEAR Private Shards: Businesses are now easily able to spin up their private network via Calimero, a Private Shard as a service platform built on $NEAR.

Upcoming Events

NEARCON 2023 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from Sept 12-14.

Apollo42 NFT Marketplace will go live on June 15th.

SoundSplash 2022 a 12-week Metaverse Music Event Series that will launch DAO Record’s Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, built on NEAR from May 4 – July 27.

Consensus Austin is hosted from June 9 – 12th.

NEAR Hacker House Austin, TX. Join NEAR Protocol for the second-ever Hacker House during Consensus, June 8–12.


The above is a summary of activities for this week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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