30th Week Recap

Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 30th week from July 25 to July 31.

Nearity News


  • Nearity x MINDGames with 25NEAR for 5 winners
  • Nearity x AMBER with 25NEAR + 10WLs for 10 winners


  • Nearity x MINDGames with 25NEAR for 10 best questions
  • Nearity x AMBER with 25NEAR + 3NFT + 10WLs for 10 best questions
  • Nearity x Stader will hold AMA on 1 st August with 100 $USDC for 5 of the best questions

Outstanding News

  • aurigami_PLY has raised $12 million in token rounds, including $9.5M raised via a private token sale and $2.5M via an (IEO) on KuCoin, Bybit, & Impossible Finance
  • Near Space was held at ETHCC in Paris, within 3 days with more topics like Defi & Development, Aurora day, Web3 Communities. You can read the detailed information here (Day 1, day 2 & 3).
  • Aurora launches $VOTE – a decentralized governance method that enables the community to regulate the protocol itself. The $VOTE tokens can be earned by staking $AURORA on Aurora+, as you may already be doing to gain ecosystem benefits.

The Numbers of Ecosystem


top APY pool



Highlights of this Week


  • $NearX <> wNEAR pool has been whitelisted on Ref Finance. Stader’s $NearX is coming soon on @finance_ref, @tonicdex & @jumbo_exchange
  • meta_pool announced a new fundraising campaign with CheddarF to build a strong foundation
  • Bastion introduced the Underlying Swap Router and Zaps feature that will enable users to swap and provide liquidity using underlying tokens.
  • tonicdex is now live on arbitoor.
  • Burrow introduces Net Liquidity Farming
  • <USDTwNEAR>, <ETHwNEAR>, <wNEARWBTC> new farms are now live on PembRock
  • You can track Aurigami pools on Yield Dashboard Defilama


  • satori_nft‘s offering free $NEAR to artists and creators looking to build a #web3 portal for their community using Creator Studio.
  • NearTribes is now listed in ParasHQ
  • mintbase with the updated useful functional-the new QR builder enables users to create a QR code to burn NFT directly from the thing page


  • Sweat Economy has successfully closed a $13M investment round to fund our launch into Web3.


  • Open Forest Protocol launches its mainnet with 435,000 hectares of natural forest committed to its platform from forty-six forest project partners in thirty-five countries. No fee to join or to operate.


The stats AstroDao, there are:

  • Active DAOs: 192
  • Active Users: 334

30th Dao

The partnership of this Week

  • Immunefi x Octopus. In collaboration with immunefi, oct_network has open-sourced its security by starting a bug bounty program.
  • Web3Mon x NEAR Protocol. Web3mon is the first NFT Multiverse game. They will be dedicated to providing utilities to NFT and making NEAR an NFT hub.
  • Nepbot x AstroDAO. With this integration partnership, DAO members will be able to verify their DAO membership or group membership in Discord servers and gain access to exclusive channels and roles. This integration marks the first step in expanding Nepbot functionality into a field of the DAO. There’s more to come in the future. Nepbot team will continue to develop DAO governance-related features around proposals, votes, and snapshots, making decentralized governance more accessible and easier on Discord than ever before.
  • SenderWallet x QSTNus. QSTN powers an ecosystem where users answer questions, earn credits & spend these rewards within our digital environment- Redefining data, DeFi & NFTs on Near Protocol
  • Fireblocks x Wirex.
  • SubQueryNetwork x oct_network. A SubQuery is a Blockchain developer toolkit & the backbone of web3 infrastructure. A SubQuery project is a complete API to organize and query data from chains.
  • Pawnprotocol x ElCafeCartel. With ElCafeCartel‘s NFT coffee cups, it will bring a lot of valuable artistic values to the future community.
  • DoTOracle x auroraisnear. To start the first decentralized bridge between CasperNetwork and Aurora
  • NEARFoundation x FireblocksHQ leading provider of custody & settlement solutions for Digital assets

Funding & Grants

  • Duel Network received the grant program of Near Foundation. A grant has been awarded by Near Foundation to the Duel Network to continue its development and complete the NEAR ecosystem adaptation.


  • Flowing and discussing everything related to the education of everyone using the NEAR platform on the forum.
  • Learn & grow with Near Univerity to receive a certificate in Developer, Analyst, and Entrepreneur on NEAR.
  • Learn how to use and build on NEAR and Earn NEAR on Learn Near Club.


  • Flowing a public dashboard and wiki page which is designed to track which components, standards, tools, and applications have been developed (or are under development) on NEAR.
  • Discussion of the NEP-141 Logic’s discussion on the Aurora forum

Upcoming Events

  • NEARCON, the biggest NEAR event of the year, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from September 11-14.


The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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