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Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 32nd week from August 08 to August 14.

Nearity News


Nearity x Lacrove Giveaway with 25 $NEAR & 5 WL for 5 Winners


OpenBiSea x Nearity on 12th of August with rewards $100 NFT

Outstanding News

  • Coinbase has added $NEAR to its list of assets that will be listed on the site.
  • NEARProtocol releases JavaScript SDK, bringing Web3 to 20 Million Developers

The Numbers of Ecosystem


Highlights of this Week


  • Rubic re-launched on Aurora with unlimited swap amounts
  • $NearX is LIVE. Stader.near has exceeded $5 million + TVL
  • Meson extended its cashback event until August 14th
  • Fractal announced its upcoming launch on Aurora
  • Bluebit Finance now accepts deposits for the Bastion Protocol $USDT vault.
  • Atmos Protocol will initially deploy primary liquidity pairs on Trisolaris pools.
  • Trisolaris DEX has boosted $META awards for the $TRI/$stNEAR pool.
  • $TAO will be featured on BitMart and Huobi soon, and MEXC has published $TAO/$USDT as a spot trading pair in the Innovation Zone.
  • NearFi Testnet is officially live.


  • Roketo, a financial streaming service for instant and permanent payments, has established a strategic relationship with Multiverse Fighters.
  • A new update from Paras changing a link in the bio for Paras community to Barracuda with barracuda.io/paras
  • Early Bird Badge owners will receive a secret drop & it will be included in the roadmap of the project – get a mysterious surprise at the start.
  • ParasHQ updated some features on August 11th, 2022 – To give the best experience to the Paras community: Wallet Selector, New Look of Card Details, Rarity System.
  • Apollo42world announce their new amazing advisor —starpause, a serial $NEAR founder Jordan – To create the best ecosystem of NEAR NFTs and DAOs.


  • Sweat Economy has successfully closed a $13M investment round to fund our launch into Web3.
  • Bearverse updated feature “The Last Winter”
  • MindGame held the first Arena Tournament


  • Open Forest Protocol launched its protocol for forest monitoring: open-MRV.


The stats AstroDao, there are:

  • Active DAOs: 192
  • Active Users: 334

The partnership of this Week

  • Trisolaris x Aurigami.
  • Trisolaris x NEARlend.
  • EYWA x Aurora.
  • OrderlyNetwork x Ref Finance. This partnership will bring you all some more fantastic applications to the DeFi space on $NEAR!
  • The HAPI x MyNearWallet. Users will be notified if the address to which they are sending cash is potentially harmful, and any user within the NEAR ecosystem can now submit dangerous addresses using Scamfari (scamfari.com). MyNearWallet and HAPI are constantly collaborating to provide the NEAR ecosystem with the highest level of wallet security.
  • Sender x Arbitoor a Near Protocol DEX aggregator and Swap infrastructure Users can now login to Arbitoor and use their Sender wallet.
  • SpinFi x Sender Wallet x MyNearWallet.
  • Jumbo Exchange x FluxusFi.
  • F DAO x NearlendDAO.
  • Atmos_Protocol x trisolarislabs. Atmos Protocol will deploy main liquidity pairs on the trisolarislabs pools at the launch.
  • BizverseWorld x BitKeepOS. This strategic partnership with BitKeepOS has driven BizverseWorld‘s community more thrived so far.

Funding & Grants

  • Injective has raised $40M in a brand new funding round


  • Flowing and discussing everything related to the education of everyone using the NEAR platform on the forum.
  • Learn & grow with Near Univerity to receive a certificate in Developer, Analyst, and Entrepreneur on NEAR.
  • Learn how to use and build on NEAR and Earn NEAR on Learn Near Club.


  • Flowing a public dashboard and wiki page which is designed to track which components, standards, tools, and applications have been developed (or are under development) on NEAR.
  • Javascript developers can now set up their first dApp in the same amount of time it takes to spin up a React app.
  • Discussion of the NEP-141 Logic’s discussion on the Aurora forum

Upcoming Events

  • NEARCON, the biggest NEAR event of the year, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from September 11-14. You can now buy your NEARCON ticket at 35% off by entering our discount code “NEARCONAURORA” while checking out

The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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