34th Week Recap

Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 34th week from August 22 to August 28.

Nearity News



  • Nearity x Playible on Aug 17th for 25 $NEAR for 10 active players

Outstanding News

  • Aurora is now officially supported on Via Protocol. Exchange any token on Aurora for any other token on their 20 supported networks in 1 click through the most advanced cross-chain aggregation protocol.https://t.co/LRXSiCv9as
  • 1inch Network users will be able to access the following DEXes on Aurora.
  • Meta Pool partners with Amazon Web Services for Stake Wars III. They are launching a pilot program with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the Latin America region.

The Numbers of Ecosystem

34th-week recap



Highlights of this Week


  • MyNearWallet will add the_auction_io, jumbo_exchange Wallet Selector,  
  • NEX is LIVE on Mainnet. NEX is the first decentralized perps and spot DEX on Aurora.
  • $USN will be used in all major $NEAR and $AURORA dApps and each of them may offer its yield opportunities.
  • PLY/USDC pool on Impossible Finance is live on Aurora, start 18/08/2022 – end 18/11/2022


  • Apollo42 supports MyNearWallet via the Wallet Selector.
  • ParasHQ  hold CARD4CARD event from September 1st – September 4th 


  • NEAR & Gaming: A Deep Dive into OP Games

  • Playible launched on NEAR Protocol.
  • SweatEconomy token will be a public sale by TheDaoMaker.
  • SeatlabNFT will introduce the debut of the $SEAT #token, team growth, Lost Village, events Creator Fund, MVP Launch, and forthcoming events
  • 1.6BN #Sweatcoins from inactive accounts were burned on August 13th


  • Open Forest Protocol Latin American Business Developer Dora Miranda will speak on the EllaInvierte panel in Panama City


The stats AstroDao, there are:

DAO Performance in 7 Days

  • reBaked DAO has been approved into the Octopus Accelerator Program to create a Substrate-based EVM compliant appchain.

The partnership of this Week

  • DotOracle collaborated with Trisolaris Labs.
  • Trisolaris has joined forces with Synapse Protocol.
  • The PembRock Finance x Tonic DEX trading competition is now officially open.
  • Sender Wallet partnership with goodfortuneNFT and JumpDeFi
  • Spin is a partnership with axelarcore. As a result of the integration, Web3 users will be able to connect to spin fi via Ethereum, aurora, BNBCHAIN, and other EVM chains to trade on-chain Perpetual Contracts, DOVs, and other tokens based on the NEARProtocol.
  • Arctic is partnered with Synapse which will be a founding partner and key member of the Arctic DAO governance.
  • NearlendDao is a partnership with JumpDeFi.
  • AMBER Metaverse is a partnership with NEAR Misfits, Satori NFT.
  • LacroveNFT is collaboration with the_auction_io

Funding & Grants


  • Flowing and discussing everything related to the education of everyone using the NEAR platform on the forum.
  • Learn & grow with Near Univerity to receive a certificate in Developer, Analyst, and Entrepreneur on NEAR.
  • Learn how to use and build on NEAR and Earn NEAR on Learn Near Club.


  • Flowing a public dashboard and wiki page which is designed to track which components, standards, tools, and applications have been developed (or are under development) on NEAR.
  • Javascript developers can now set up their first dApp in the same amount of time it takes to spin up a React app.
  • Discussion of the NEP-141 Logic’s discussion on the Aurora forum
  • Stader will compensate the overall loss of 165K $NEAR experienced by NearX/Near LP (Ref & Jumbo) suppliers prior to the exploit. The $2.5 million staked in the NearX dapp is safe with validators. Users who staked Near and held NearX prior to the exploit incurred no losses.

Upcoming Events

  • NEARCON, the biggest NEAR event of the year, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from September 11-14.

The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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