35 weekly recap

Welcome to Nearity’s Weekly Newsletter. Let’s look back at the highlights of the activities that took place in the NEAR ecosystem during the 35th week from August 29 to September 4th.

Nearity News




  • Nearity x Web3Mon on Aug 31st for 25 $NEAR for 10 active players

Aurority News

Outstanding News

The Numbers of Ecosystem

35th weekly recap


Highlights of this Week


  • spin_fi Perps Early Beta Mainnet on NEARProtocol
  • FusotaoProtocol notice of distribution. There will be a total of 565,470 TAO delivered to the Fusotao community as part of the Airdrop & Testnet Rewards distribution.
  • Over $4M is now locked in PembRock, becoming a new milestone for them.
  • $PEM$USN farm has reached over $1 million in TVL
  • FusotaoProtocol is the official launch of Avatar wallet, the first appchain wallet based on NEARProtocol and oct_network
  • Spin is to become the first NEARProtocol DEX to integrate the private sharding solution by CalimeroNetwork
  • Zero Trading Fee for Traders – in optimismFND. The ultimate vision for NexonFi is to create the optimal trading environment for traders by combining the advantages of CEX & DEX
  • MetaBUILD is considered one of the biggest hackathons in the Blockchain community
  • BastionProtocol Launches Bug Bounty Program with immunefi to Strengthen protocol security.




  • With over 110M global users, SweatEconomy is launching one of the most significant token events in history! Already 13M users have joined their Web3 launch.
  • The GameFi challenge is Live. The Project on the Leaderboard with the most votes will become an active Fundraising Campaign with an initial 20K $stNEAR in financial support


  • Over 29 forest projects were onboarded to the platform with 25k+ hectares on their way to validation in August. OFP LATAM Business Developer Dora Miranda spoke on the EllaInvierte panel alongside Panamas Minister of Social Development

The partnership of this Week

Funding & Grants

  • PlayEmber is proud to announce its official grant from the NEARFoundation. Thanks to the strength of their team they’ve got the support from one of the best blockchains out there, together they are onboarding the next billion web2 gamers to web3
  • CyclooClan has received support and a grant from NEARProtocol. It is an NFT collection of unique generative 2222 CyClos living on NEARProtocol. Clicker P2E game, NFT, DAO, $CLO game token, staking, and many more will be revealed soon


  • Flowing and discussing everything related to the education of everyone using the NEAR platform on the forum.
  • Learn & grow with Near Univerity to receive a certificate in Developer, Analyst, and Entrepreneur on NEAR.
  • Learn how to use and build on NEAR and Earn NEAR on Learn Near Club.
  • Learn about crypto and get rewards on coinbase. https://t.co/OLy1TWz362


  • Flowing a public dashboard and wiki page which is designed to track which components, standards, tools, and applications have been developed (or are under development) on NEAR.
  • Javascript developers can now set up their first dApp in the same amount of time it takes to spin up a React app.
  • Discussion of the NEP-141 Logic’s discussion on the Aurora forum
  • Stader will compensate the overall loss of 165K $NEAR experienced by NearX/Near LP (Ref & Jumbo) suppliers prior to the exploit. The $2.5 million staked in the NearX dapp is safe with validators. Users who staked Near and held NearX prior to the exploit incurred no losses.

Upcoming Events

  • NEARCON, the biggest NEAR event of the year, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from September 11-14.

The above is a summary of activities for the week on the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. Thank you for reading and please follow Nearity to look forward to the next weekly newsletter!

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