AMA recap – Aurority x YouMinter

On January 13, 2023, we held an AMA with YouMinter. This AMA session revolved around the topic of the YouMinter project. We collected some good questions from the community during the AMA YouMinter also gave full answers about their project to the community. Let’s read this article to understand the content of the AMA.

 YouMinter x Aurority AMA


Aurority:  Hi guys, I’m Landon, the Community builder of Aurority. We update the latest information on Near about the ecosystem, analyze data, analyze projects, provide instructional content, and support users on how to use and integrate into the ecosystem. Welcome to a wonderful AMA with YouMinter.

Answer the question from the community

Question 1 from JenyKim

“What type of NFT can users minting? How easy will it be for ordinary users to do this without having to worry about encryption techniques and the complexity of NFT?”

YouMinter: Potentially with YouMinter you could transform any type of content into NFT. For sure, during the first stages, it would be images and photos. Furtherly, we’ll also add videos, music, and even AR and VR content.

It will be as easy as possible since YouMinter takes all complicated steps out and creators can focus on the creativity of their content and the audience’s engagement. For example, YouMinter even creates and syncs NEAR wallet so anybody could join the app from scratch without NFT or crypto background.

Question 2 from Jung Soo Ri

“In today’s environment, we are all artists (create, mint, @share your NFTs) in some way or another in the market for NFTs. Is YouMinter planning to engage a well-known artist for its platform, and if so, what are the requirements? Would early artists and curators be rewarded?”

YouMinter: Sure, YouMinter is going to attract already successful creative artists and we’re already working in this direction. The only requirements are desire to constantly create content! Moreover, YouMinter will provide both “little” and “big” artists with equal opportunities to become successful within our platform and more.

And for sure the pioneers will be rewarded, promotionally and organizationally supported by us!

Question 3 from LinhNguyen

“I saw that YouMinter is similar to Instagram with the feed, followers, likes and such but YouMinter comes with an NFT Feed. Can we have our own NFT Feed tailored on our own preference? Does the follows and likes can be monetized too?”

YouMinter: Yes! Moreover, there will opportunity to create a community by interest within the app where creators could combine their efforts and even create joint NFT collections. For sure, likes and follows will be monetized as part of a bigger reward system with multiple criteria.

Question 4 from Quinnton

“What Makes YouMinter App Unique? and what kind of NFT is YouMinter equipped with which creation tool will allow for easy NFT minting?”

YouMinter: YouMinter has a unique approach allowing creators to focus on their content and personal brand monetization, not on complicated aspects of NFT creation. Moreover, we consider and are going to make our users co-owners of the community by implementing DAO principles and a co-ownership economy along with the GameFi system. This way, YouMinter provides users with the ability to create and monetize content in a very engaging and interesting way.

Our NFT Cameras are the main tool for NFT creation. Each camera has an unrepeatable one-of-a-kind design not only being NFT itself but also being an ultimate tool for NFT creation. As I said earlier, there will be different grades and levels of cameras, each containing special features for content creation. So the more active you are, the more opportunities for content creation and monetization you have.

Question 5 from Lisa

“How does YouMinter engage users in such a growing Web3 community? What are your team’s core values and long-term NFT vision for the future?”

CoinBrain:  Our core value is to become the most accessible bridge between Web2 and Web3 for creators providing them with multiple tools for content creation and customization as well community engagement. Our long-term vision is to become the universal environment for NFT content creation with multiple tools for self-expression, monetization, and community development. Therefore YouMinter’s essence is to provide creators with easy-accessible tools for NFT content monetization.

Question 6 from Nguyen Huu Tai

“How do you plan to approach bringing more people into the world of NFT? What will YouMinter look like on Mainnet?”

YouMinter: The best solution is to create a useful and high-quality project that actually resolves certain issues in the niche. And YouMinter is 100% such a project since it helps anybody creative to join NFT-world in a matter of a few clicks and to be successful here. And for sure we have a complex strategy aimed at bringing more exposure to the YouMinter project not only within the NEAR community but within the whole creative community on both Web2 and Web3.

YouMinter will already have all the necessary features for NFT content creation at the Mainnet stage. So if you’re a creator who wants to earn from his activity and creativity, YouMinter is ready to provide you with tools for this.

Question 7 from Saltima

“We’re looking forward to YouMinter’s Public Beta launch this month. Can you share a bit about this campaign with us?”

YouMinter: Due to our official release, we are very glad to start the Genesis Sale of our Cameras which is a very good opportunity to get a camera of a rare grade from scratch thus having an advance from the start. And due to this, we’re also making multiple marketing activities to activate the whole NEAR community and to gift the users with our NFT CameraBoxes, so they could “feel” the project and benefit from it in advance. So right now is an ideal opportunity to join the YouMinter project and become a pioneer.

Question 8 from M. Talal

“I’m wondering about the NFTs in YouMinter. How does NFT CameraBoxes and NFT Cameras work? Let’s say I own 5 NFT CameraBoxes what should I do with it?”

YouMinter: NFT CameraBoxes will help you to get a unique NFT Camera that allows you to create and customize NFT content within the app. There will be different grades and rarity levels of Cameras. Moreover, the more active you are with your camera the more upgraded it becomes. Different camera grades provide you with different features for content creation.

CameraBoxes and Cameras themselves will also be tradeable or shareable. So if you have 5 CameraBoxes, the best solution is to open them and use the cameras to create content. Then look at how can you benefit the most: continue to create NFT content with unique features or sell your camera.

Question 9 from Bùi Quốc Hùng

“Why YouMinter is building on NearProtocol? Is YouMinter planning to build on AURORA? & Why are their building the Post2Earn Social App?”

YouMinter: We consider NEAR as a very comfortable chain for such projects since it’s fast and cheap in comparison to other chains like ETH. Moreover, NEAR has a well-developed ecosystem for the further development of the NFT niche and the creation of many successful projects within it.

Sure, we consider other chains too, especially Aurora, but first, we need to succeed here on NEAR and then go further.


Aurority:  Thank you and the Community for being here today. Don’t forget to join and follow YouMinter’s telegram. I am sure that the community will be looking forward to YouMinter ‘s event in the near future.
We have another event for the community. Follow me to get a chance to receive the reward and explorer the Ecosystem
And Thank you to the Aurora DAO have helping Aurority to support projects
Best regards to all of you, thank you for your presence

YouMinter: Thank you very much for having me. Also, I’d like to thank Aurority for organizing this event.

Have a great day everybody!

Aurority: Alright everyone. Take care. Love your project.

You can listen to the Recording of the AMA:

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