AMA recap – Nearity x Metronomo

On February 14, 2023, we held an AMA with Metronomo. This AMA session revolved around the topic of the Metronomo project. We collected some good questions from the community during the AMA Metronomo also gave full answers about their project to the community. Let’s read this article to understand the content of the AMA.

Metronomo x Nearity AMA


Nearity:  Hi guys, I’m Landon, a Community builder of Nearity. We update the latest information on Near about the ecosystem, analyze data, analyze projects, provide instructional content, and support users on how to use and integrate into the ecosystem. Welcome to a wonderful AMA with Metronomo

Could you tell the community a little bit about Metronomo?

Metronomo: Hello everyone, Metronomo is a cross-chain Ad Network with:
– on-chain user behavior targeting
– web3-native Ad Units
– and transparent attribution

Answer the question from the community

Question 1 from Braham

“Who is Metronomo’s target audience? What Web3 projects does Metronomo plan to collaborate with?”

Metronomo:  As any ad network, we are a 2-sided product:
1. On the one hand advertisers (run ads) – web3 projects, who need new users and are tired of unpredictable and inefficient marketing.
2. On the other side – publishers, who want to drive their content monetization and place ads for this.
We see the 3rd specific group as well – advertising agencies.
Finally, we have end users meet relevant and valuable projects through the ads).

*Providing more details
1. Talking about advertisers, our priority segments are web3 games and DeFi products.
2. As for publishers, Any website or app providing wallet connection is eligible to become a publisher: from media sources like dAppradar and CoinGecko to games with F2P model.
3. We are collaborating with marketing agencies as well and consider this important part of our go-to-market strategy.

Question 2 fromDumpling

“Metronomo is designed to make Web3 marketing. Does your project look like a Facebook ad?”

Metronomo: There are two answers short and detailed.
Shortly – yes, the idea is quite similar – to build an ad network which will connect advertisers and publishers.
But in-depth, it’s built on exactly the opposite model.
As for now, most advertising giants like Meta or Google or Instagram (which is a part of Meta obviously) build their business and targeting model on three simple ideas:
– create a publisher with a huge amount of users.
– collect users’ data.
– own and protect this data by building wall gardens.
And these principles lead us to an oligopoly of advertisement giants, which is totally unhealthy for the market. And new companies are very limited in their opportunity to get into the game.
The only chance is to create another publisher with a huge audience. Which leads the world to create more easy-to-consume content platforms. Because other content formats can’t attract enough audience to become huge advertisement giants.
And we believe that public on-chain data is a real game changer.
We will build our model based on public data of real user behavior (not only search requests). And that’s why I will now the user better than Meta. And that’s why we will have much better conversion rates and therefore much better offers for advertisers and publishers.  Finally, that leads to a much lower amount of ad for each user, and also we will show only very relevant advertisements.
So, basically, we believe that in case of mass adoption of blockchain current advertisement oligopoly will be destroyed.

Question 3 from Chris Q

“How does the project collect the service fee because I don’t see the project with the token? If the token is coming soon, where can we buy it?”

Metronomo:   We connect advertisers and publishers through our technology and our business model is following:
Advertisers pay us and we share revenue with publishers, with our commission fee.
Although we may launch a token at some point, it is not a priority for us this year.

*provide more details on product architecture*

Question 4 from Mike Luis

“How does Metronomo ensure the privacy and security of users’ data, and what measures are in place to prevent misuse or unauthorized access?”

Metronomo:  We use on-chain wallet data that is public and non-personal.
In case it will become private, we will ensure security according to GDPR standards

Question 5 from Hawhaw

“What triggers you to launch Metronomo?? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Metronomo aims to solve?”

Metronomo: First of all. Our team has combined experience of over 30 years in marketing technology and 360 degrees of domain expertise, having worked on ad platform, agency, brand, and publisher sides, so we deeply understand market and trends.

We have talked to dozen of web3 projects and discovered a huge problem with their marketing – there is no scalable solution to acquire users with predictable ROI.

Current alternatives don’t provide this opportunity (more details about cons of particular alternatives: influencers, quests, and community management). As a result, we see that over 20% of web3 marketing budgets ($1.4B*) is wasted.

Question 6 from Quinntion

“How does the transparent attribution system work to capture sophisticated on-chain and off-chain data without vulnerabilities? Can you explain a little bit about that? Because I think business executives also want to know.”

Metronomo:  If we speak about on-chain target events after showing ads (ex. account top-up or NFT purchase) we will use available public on-chain data to determine if the event happened or not.

If we speak about off-chain target events (ex. form completion, registration, creating lead, etc.) we will use the usual pixel mechanic

Question 7 from JACKALLTRADE

“How can brands, publishers, and web3 users all benefit from the implementation of Web3 Native Ad Units, with better ROI-positive campaigns, better monetization, and a more comfortable user experience?”

Metronomo: The main feature of Web3 Native Ad Units – they require a wallet connection before being shown.
So they blend seamlessly into the user experience, avoiding the disruption caused by switching between the website or game and the advertiser’s dApp. This leads to higher conversion rates and a friendly user experience.

The ROI-based approach means that advertisers have control over all aspects of marketing campaigns, including budget and pricing for specific target actions based on business unit economics.

We offer better monetization for publishers vianew revenue source: we will pay them premium rates with higher CPM (cost per mile) on premium web3 audience.

Users are tired of web2 ads, they are disruptive and irrelevant, we provide more comfortable & engaging user experience with web3 native ads.


Question 8 from Hinata

“How does Metronomo’s Web3-native ad units and transparent attribution system impact the overall user experience, and how does it ensure a positive user experience for web3 users?”

Metronomo: From the user side, traditional ads are mostly disruptive and non-friendly (for example, pop-ups)
Web3 native ads offer another approach and require wallet connection. We see several formats, including:

1) Gamified ads. A step ahead of rewarded videos in web2, gamified ads can offer users not only in-game assets but also real value such as fungible tokens or NFTs. The concept of gamification is not a new idea and has already demonstrated its efficiency, thereby indicating a promising future for this format in web3

2) In-Ad Token Claim. A distinctive feature of web3 native ads, that allows users to receive tokens or NFTs directly from the ad unit. This rewards users for their interaction and provides advertisers with an efficient way to distribute token supply

3) Quest ads. Is an easy way to participate in quests from any publisher site, not only quest platform”

Question 9 from Arshavin

“A project needs to deal with solving a issue. With that said, what are the problems that Metronomo primarily focuses on? What market are you targeting? And what are your plans to convince and onboard new non-crypto clients?”

Metronomo: We are valuable for every web3 project who needs user growth, while our priority segments are Gaming and DeFI.

1) In the case of mass adoption, all digital advertising markets will be the web3 advertising markets. Here the size of the opportunity is a share of the $1 trillion digital advertising market by 2027.
2) In case when web3 stays as a niche thing, web3 advertising still will be a market inside this niche. Here the size of the opportunity will be at least 10% of web3 projects revenue.


Nearity:   Thank you and the Community for being here today. Don’t forget to join and follow Metronomo’s Twitter. I am sure that the community will be looking forward to Luganodes ‘s event in the near future.
We have another event for the community. Follow me to get a chance to receive the reward and explorer the Ecosystem.
I also want to thank the Near Foundation for helping Nearity to support projects.
Best regards to all of you, thank you for your presence.

Metronomo: I would like to say thank you. Thank you all of guys for coming. Stay tuned to our Twitter. Have a night day. Thanks.
Nearity: Alright guys, thank you so much for your coming. Bye everybody. Take care. See you later.

You can listen to the Recording of the AMA:

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