AMA recap – Nearity x PembRock

On February 17, 2023, we held an AMA with PembRock. This AMA session revolved around the topic of the PembRock project. We collected some good questions from the community during the AMA PembRock also gave full answers about their project to the community. Let’s read this article to understand the content of the AMA.

PembRock x Nearity AMA


Nearity:   Hi guys, I’m Landon, a Community Builder of Nearity. We update the latest information on Near about the ecosystem, analyze data, analyze projects, provide instructional content, and support users on how to use and integrate into the ecosystem. Welcome to a wonderful AMA with PembRock

Could you tell the community a little bit about PembRock?

PembRock: PembRock is the first leveraged yield farming protocol built on the NEAR blockchain. Users can provide liquidity, farm with leverage, stake, and take governance decisions to secure the future of the platform, all on a fast, secure, cheap, and user-friendly blockchain.
By creating the School of PembRock our main idea was that everyone should have free access to quality educational products. We also believe that every crypto-enthusiast should constantly learn, and be hungry for knowledge and original experience. That is why we advise you to join the course.

Answer the question from the community

Question 1 from Danuputra

“Are there any plans to add other learning materials to the School of PembRock, such as materials on the NEAR Protocol or other projects running on NEAR?”

PembRock:   Yes, of course, we plan. First of all, we are currently collecting feedback from the audience. Well, it is clear that the course we launched is basic, and looking at the needs of modern users, we need to improve it. Now, for example, we launched a PEM sale on Meta Bonds and realized that not all users understand what it is and why.
Therefore, it would be good to add more information about bond trading to the educational course, because it is very profitable today!
So feel free to share your feedback on our social channels so we can understand what information you are missing.

Question 2 from Daniel AMONLE

“What strategy are you putting in place to make your project better known in the same way as the other projects already created? Who are your partners and sponsors ? What innovation will your project bring to the cryosphere?”

PembRock:   Let’s start with the last question about innovation. We didn’t show users anything new by creating a leveraged farming platform. But at the same time, this is the first similar product on the NEAR protocol. In this way, we promote the ease and rationality of earning in the crypto sphere.
As you know, the NEAR community is very friendly and open, so we consider everyone with whom we have a connection and respect you as our partners. Among the main ones are Astro, Odyssey, Spin, Meta Pool, Stader, My NEAR wallet, and many, many others that we have on the main page.
The main strategy for the popularization of our platform is active, close, and regular communication with the audience on social networks, which shows that it is possible to make money in crypto in a rational and less risky way.

Question 3 from Chris Q

“PembRock School is a very interesting project, you guys are so passionate about bringing up this topic. Will PembRock Team bring any products similar to PembRock School in the future?”

PembRock:  The creation of new educational platforms is not among our main plans. We believe that it is better to concentrate on one thing and do it well. Most likely, we will develop the School of Pembrock according to user feedback and current market demand, rather than creating something new.

Question 4 from Derazy

“Can you please share with us if there are some programs or events coming up next from PembRock? What kind of event or rewards program that you are regularly establish for the community?”

PembRock: There’re 2 types of rewards on PembRock. That’s community rewards that are paid in PEM and farm rewards that are auto reinvested and increase the value of the position. This is about the basic things provided by our platform. But of course, we understand that today’s crypto enthusiasts, including AMA session listeners, want something more interesting and we are already working on it. We are constantly developing and improving our functionality so that users’ earnings are not only constant and regular but also diverse. That’s all about School of PembRock updates and the latest PEM sale on Meta Bonds.

Question 5 from Brick Kerth

“I’m Chinese and I would recommend PembRock School to my friends, but they don’t want to study in English, can you add a few languages in the future? Chinese for example?”

PembRock:  We are very happy that our community is becoming super international and so active! We love your requests for language enhancements and want to let you know what’s in the works. And while we work on the international adaptation of our platform and educational course, join the language chats in our Discord!

Question 6 from Millie Tran

“Are you sure all your data, knowledge about DeFi is correct? On what basis do you get the data and how can we fully trust it?”

PembRock:   First of all, it is worth noting that any definition or instruction described in our course does not constitute financial advice. We cannot claim that this product will work equally for everyone and increase your wealth in an instant. But what we can be sure of is the reliability and truthfulness of the information. It is verified not only by the knowledge but also by the experience of our team. We advise you to study as many different courses and materials as possible, expand your horizons and create your own TOP of the financial base.

Question 7 from Capital

“What is the biggest challenger that @PembrockFi has faced in previous year and what it is plan in next year?”

PembRock: The previous year was definitely “our” year. We fully launched our product in the previous year, and started to get to know the audience. Each of these steps, it is worth noting, was another challenge. The beginning of the bear trend affected many projects in a negative way, so we tried to hold on despite everything. Of course, the main task for the coming year is to continue to implement our plans, and to expand the functionality of the platform, despite the most unfavorable market conditions.

Question 8 from Marion Fiora

“How will PembRock value it’s community? And, what are the ways that PembRock can build a strong and supportive community for it’s forever success? And, how many communities does PembRock currently have for its non-english users?”

PembRock: We adhere to classic forms of communication. You can find us on the most popular social networks. Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and now NEAR Social.
Our main idea is honest and open communication through chats and lives communication on AMA, like now. We try to keep up with the times and appear at all important NEAR events, announcing ourselves.
Now in our discord, there are 8 language international chats, you can join them. But the most active are Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian, and Indonesian.

Question 9 from Agg

“Will @PembRockSchool hold LEARN TO EARN in the future? As in Cex Binance, Bitget and others. Yeah we know, it can attract a lot of users to join.”

PembRock:  Although we have not publicly stated such a slogan, we fully support this philosophy. Regular earnings on the PembRock platform for a farmer, lender or trading PEM bonds on Meta Bonds are not possible without basic knowledge. Therefore, even if you are not a beginner, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the course to get to that level of Learn and Earn.

Question 10 from Ingrid Kieu

“A portion of projects must discuss “long-term vision and mission,” but what are your short-term goals? What are you currently focusing on? The first step, particularly the diversion, is always critical in establishing a financial foundation for the subsequent steps?”

PembRock: Regarding short-term goals for the School of PembRock. We plan to expand the range of materials and guides, add more useful features and possibly adapt to several other languages. Regarding the goals for the development of the platform – in the short term, it is all about adding more pools, and integration with new projects and tokens, so that PembRock is a reliable platform in terms of risk diversification.


Nearity:  Thank you and the Community for being here today. Don’t forget to join and follow PembRock’s Twitter. I am sure that the community will be looking forward to PembRock’s event in the near future.
We have another event for the community. Follow me to get a chance to receive the reward and explorer the Ecosystem
And Thank you to the Near Foundation have helping Nearity to support projects
Best regards to all of you, thank you for your presence

You can listen to the Recording of the AMA:

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