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On Aug 17th, 2022, we had an AMA session with Playible. The topic of this AMA is “What is Playible”. Through the AMA, Playible answered a lot of questions from communities. If you miss the AMA session between Nearity and Playible. Let’s listen to get all your questions answered about Playible here

AMA || Nearity x Playible


Tracy: Hello everybody and everywhere, I’m Tracy, Community builder manager of Nearity! Today we have a long-awaited AMA session with Playible. Can you introduce a little bit about your project?

Playible: Playible is an NFT fantasy sports platform we’re focused on bridging the gap between web 3 technology and traditional gaming markets. Therefore, we can offer a free-to-enter fantasy sports contest with real cryptocurrency prices, and those are paid out in stablecoins

Tracy: I received a sneak peek at your project. Stader is a fantastic initiative, and I can’t wait any longer to get started with the AMA session based on a community topic.

Answer the question from communities

  • Question 1 from Tomassianss:

Web2 gamers are having difficulty playing Web3 & NFT games, how can you solve this problem?

Playible: Playible puts blockchain technology in the background as much as possible to create a seamless user experience on our website. From purchasing a Starter Pack to entering contests and claiming rewards, our product should feel completely native and straightforward to our community. We’ll eventually integrate credit card purchases and direct transfers to bank accounts when possible. Fantasy sports is a game everyone already knows and loves, so the transition isn’t as complicated.

  • Question 2 from Krilly2388:

As I know, Playible bridges the gap between #NFTtechnology and the traditional games market to deliver an exciting new fantasy sports experience. Community is very important to a project. Show at, does the project have any campaign for the community? And what benefits will players get when participating?

Playible: Yes, Playible actively works with our community to help build a better product. What’s the point of building a product that people don’t like? We are creating this platform for you, and if you have ideas and feedback to make the platform better, we’re going to incorporate that feedback into our design

  • Question 3 from jindan_jindan:

Partnerships are crucial for adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have currently and future partnerships?

Playible: Currently our partners are only within the near community. MyNearWallet and a couple of others will help our user interface and our user experience. But we do plan on reaching out to sports leagues in the future and attempting to secure partnerships with the national football league the MLB the NBA. That’ll take a lot of time. However, that is on the remote

  • Question 4 from oarzimelahn3:

What makes NFT of Playible peculiar from other ones?

Playible: Playibles enough to use are unique because they’re nearly all utility based so we’re not really trying to be a digital collectible more like an additional tool for unlocking the ability to play fantasy sports contests and enter into our weekly cryptocurrency prize pools. After that actually won real cryptocurrency prizes like USD, cUSDT, USN. our NFT unlike a lot of projects built on near and a lot of projects built on other blockchains like Ethereum and polygon. actually have a real-world use case you can enter into. Game is similar to traditional fantasy sports but better something that a lot of people are already doing and we’re just using blockchain tech and NFT tech to make that process better

  • Question 5 from Robertheyerkey:

How do you plan to increase your player base and extend to more traditional gamers?

Playible: We’re trying to make the actual blockchain part of the UI and user experience seamless so it should be easier for traditional gamers. People who currently play traditional fantasy sports log on to our website buy a pack and our contest and get the process right away, so first we’re focused on the new york community and onboarding as many new people in the Near community as possible to our platform. Therefore, we’ll extend out to another web 3 alternative chains and try to onboard as many people who are already playing traditional or web3-based fantasy sports platforms on places like polygon and Ethereum over 2 Near Protocol, and then after we do that. We’ll look to expand to web2 traditional fantasy sports. New series of marketing campaigns that will be led by both myself and my brother – Justin – who have years of experience in the traditional fantasy sports market

  • Question 6 from AzlerVzla:

Being Playible an NFT #playtoearn project do you plan to include e-sports to encourage competitiveness in your community?

Playible: We have a non-licensed approach to fantasy sports and so it’s easy for us to add any and all sports. we’re focused originally on football American, baseball, and basketball. However, E-sports will be a game and a sport that we plan on adding in the future

  • Question 7 from Lorem_694:

Can YOU list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Playible: The one thing that separates playable from these other blockchain-based fantasy sports platforms Fantasia Sports is that you can use your NFTS forever and so you have a set number of plays available and those plays will allow you to enter our cryptocurrency prize pools. However, once you run out of place your NFTs aren’t just useless you can enter them into free rolls weekly to earn more plays to get back into the cryptocurrency prize pools. Quite literally with one pack purchase on August 23rd, you can play for years. Lower cost of entry than all these other watching bass fantasy sports platforms that are requiring users to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to create a lineup on a weekly basis.

  • Question 8 from Ayyaseerr:

Do you have any plans to educate them about the benefits and advantages of Web3 & NFT games?

Playible: That’ll be one of the main onboarding processes for us will be teaching. Web2 traditional fantasy sports gamers about how web3 works, and why it’s more beneficial to them. As opposed to traditional fantasy sports platforms like DraftKings, Fandal etcetera. we’re going to have while we want to make our user interface as seamless as possible and we are going to have to teach people about the benefits of web3 as part of our marketing push to onboard more users to Near protocol

  • Question 9 from Fantokenpilotu:

Is the story of your game good enough to draw real gamers in? Can we expect side stories or games in the near future?

Playible: We hope so traditional fantasy sports is something that is existed for years and is a multibillion-dollar industry. the game that we’ve created is just using web3 technology and NFTs to make that game that already has a multi-billion dollar market cap even more enjoyable for users. if by side stories you mean new contest types then I’d story in the future we’re going to constantly iterate new contest types to give different NFTs more value in the future

  • Question 10 from Kriptomekani:

Many blockchain projects are only on paper and have no real meaning. What practical product does your project use? Can you give us an example?

Playible: You would log on to Playible.IO which is their website when it goes live on august 23rd and purchases the starter pack the starter will allow you to create one unique lineup that you can enter into our weekly contest to compete for real cryptocurrency stable coin prizes. Therefore, the value that our NFT has versus other NFT projects may be profile picture projects PFP 10K collections, or something like that. there is real money backing using these NFTS in our fantasy sports contests so if you have the best team and you win every week you’re actually receiving stable coin rewards for that as opposed to just hoping that the floor price for this project goes up


Tracy: So through the AMA, Playible has answered some questions from many users in the community. Above is the information about the Playible project so that you can understand the direction and what the project has been doing now. And Playible has the first AMA with Nearity’s community. Thanks to be here. The question and answers are very lovely. Do you want to say something for communities, Playible?

Playible: Thanks for having us and make sure that you follow us on Twitter, it’s PLAYIBLE, and join our discord to stay up to date with our latest announcements. For I’m going to have quite a few announcements happening this week

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