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On August 1st, 2022 we have an AMA session with Anoothi – Head of Terra and Rust Expansion in Stader. Staderlabs aims to bring the most convenient & powerful liquid staking solution on NEAR Protocol driven by:

  • High-Quality Validator Selection
  • Best in class APY backed by $SD rewards
  • DeFi opportunities through rapid protocol integration
  • Strong team
  • Fund security

Stader attempts to provide key middleware infrastructure that will allow token holders to stake their assets among validators on various PoS networks in an easy and secure manner. Stader is now live on the Hedera, Polygon, Fantom, and Terra2.0 blockchains. Now, Stader is strongly developing communication in the NEAR ecosystem. Nearity is proud to be one of the partners with Stader.Near to gradually contribute to the prosperity of the Stader.Near community. We hope to be able to create the best entertainment programs and spaces for all.

This tweet space includes:

  • MC: Destheunicornzz, a representative of Nearity
  • Guest: Anoothi – the co-founder and the biz dev of the hardcore mobile MMORPG World of the Abyss (WOTA)
  • and Nearians of Nearity communities

Stader AMA


Destheunicornzz:  Hi Anoothi. Welcome to the AMA. Could you tell us more about Stader’s background?

Anoothi:  Absolutely! Stader’s vision is to make staking mainstream with 1Bn+ users earning passive income through staking across major PoS blockchains. In order to achieve this vision, we at Stader, have been executing at rocket speed. We launched on the erstwhile Terra blockchain (now Terra Classic) in late November of last year and saw $1Bn+ in TVL and 35000+ wallets at its peak. By April we had expanded to 3 additional blockchains – Hedera, Fantom and Polygon and have grown rapidly in each of those. We were also one of the first protocols to launch on Terra 2.0. Capped launch on Mainnet is already underway and we are targeting full-scale uncapped launch next week. Work on BNB too is at full flow. So yeah, lots of new things underway.

Destheunicornzz:  What would you say is Stader’s USP?

Anoothi: I would say our biggest USP is a diversified portfolio with a presence across 5 blockchains with the upcoming launch on NEAR and Bnb. This diversifies our TVL and revenue base, thereby making us less dependent on the intrinsic volatility of a single blockchain hence providing stable revenues; thus we are more consistent value accrual for our SD token holders.

We follow an extensive data-backed process of validator evaluation and selection. Existing solutions rely on the complete list of validators. However, Stader will focus on a carefully selected list and share the evaluation with the users. In order to support this, we are building on-chain data analytics to draw validator information.

Stader will bring the gold standard to security in liquid staking with the audit by the world’s leading cyber security firm Halborn. We have undergone 14 successful audits in other chains including that by Halborn enlisted for NearX. We shall be announcing it soon.

Next are the Rapid integrations that we are planning. Our integration with Ref finance, Jumbo Exchange & Tonic has already been announced. The one with REf finance is already whitelisted. We did a poll recently on our Twitter page to get an idea about the integrations people are using the most. The idea is to provide convenience and ease at every step.

Summing it up our core points are – best in class APY led by best-performing validators, SD rewards, and rapid integrations with protocols backed by dual rewards.

Destheunicornzz: Any special announcements or alpha you can share with us regarding your launch?

Anoothi: I have already spoken about the alpha Mainnet launch and will be launching the full-scale NearX mostly in the coming week. We will reward early bird stakers with APY well above the current 10%; provide users with access to SD tokens as rewards. We are continuously posting updates on our social platforms. Please join us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated.

I have already spoken about our flagship KYC program. A unique community focussed referral program is also under work which we will be announcing soon. We started with guilds but now are in advanced discussions with protocols to feature them. Driving integrations with all major DeFi Protocols: Talking to REF to implement dual incentives. Both established and emerging & younger protocols are being reached out to bring a wider array of DeFi opportunities to NearX holders.

In all chains we join, we invest heavily in research and education. And that is why us coming near is a match made in heaven: because it is the most didactic-focus blockchain out there, sparing no resources to train people around blockchain, web3 entrepreneurship, and coding.

Answer questions from the audience

Destheunicornzz: I got a glimpse of your project Stader is a great project and I can’t wait any longer, let’s get started with the AMA session from part of the community question

Q1 from @0xSkyler

Destheunicornzz: What criteria do you maintain in selecting quality validators for Stader? Sometimes validator fails to validate a block due to low quality and stakers don’t get any profit.

Anoothi: Great Question! Validator selection is extremely important for us. There is a focus on low or rather no downtime, low commissions, and absolutely no security instances in the last 6 months.

The above numbers are as follows currently:

– voting power

– <3% – commission

– <3% – Uptime

– >99.5%

– Number of delegators >500

We have also released an initial list of validators which we will keep on revising based on updated metrics. we are also building data analytics on the chain so as to ensure that we provide the best selection and have an optimal pool possible.

Q2 from @AurorianScout

Destheunicornzz: When can we expect an integration in Burrow?

Anoothi: That is a tough one to answer as the timeline has not been finalized. we are in advanced discussions with the Burrow team and certain logistics are being finalized. But rest assured, work is on track to finalize the association and bring the lending protocol on board as soon as possible.

Q3 from @NFTKing1111

Destheunicornzz: As far as I know you have done a lot of AMA, my question is, what do you want to get from so many AMAs, and what is your goal with the community? Do you consider the community a fundamental role in the project?

Anoothi: Community is a critical element in all our efforts from marketing to product building to closing the feedback loop. The intent behind a large number of AMAs is to reach out to as many communities as possible. We are undertaking multiple community-based activities such as KYC & weekly quizzes to increase community reach-out & penetration. 2 Rounds of community feedback have been incorporated in NearX creation itself. so yes, community plays a very important role in what Stader & NearX are all about.


So through the AMA,  Stader.Near has answered some questions from many users in the community. Surely the answers of Stader have also partly answered the questions of users. Above is the information about the Stader.Near project so that you can understand the direction and what the project has been doing now. Thank you for spending your time and listening.

You can listen to the Recording of the AMA:

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