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On July 13th, 2022 we have an AMA session with Ilya – a co-founder and a biz dev of the hardcore mobile MMORPG World of the Abyss (WOTA) with NEAR Protocol powered by Web3-mechanics implementation.

World of the Abyss is actually the name of the fantastic medieval multi-level Abyss with magic and horrible monsters where all action takes place. The idea of the Abyss was taken from the well-known anime: “Made in Abyss”. For now, at Beta-stage, the WOTA team has a tutorial level & main location: Pre-Abyss Island. They will be adding levels continuously upon the progress of players and of the development team. But even, for now, there is content for many hours of playing, especially in multiplayer. World of the Abyss team started developing WOTA around 3 years ago as a classic F2P mobile game but promptly understood the great potential behind the blockchain technologies and GameFi. So they decided to implement Web3 mechanics to the game and go deeper in this field.

Besides, WOTA is strongly developing communication in the NEAR ecosystem, Nearity is proud to be one of the partners with WOTA to gradually contribute to the prosperity of the WOTA community. We hope to be able to create the best entertainment programs and spaces for all players During the session, we will hold a competition for the best question, for the most active player, and for the best question.

This tweet space includes:

  • MC: Tracy, a Community builder manager of Nearity
  • Guest: Ilya – the co-founder and the biz dev of the hardcore mobile MMORPG World of the Abyss (WOTA)
  • and Nearians of Nearity communities


Tracy: Hi Ilya, Could you please start by introducing yourself and your project?

Ilya: “My name is Ilya Kulebyakin, I’m a co-founder and a Head of Business Development/PR & Communications at the independent game development company called Gerillaz. As you may already know we are developing a very ambitious hardcore MMORPG on mobile platforms – “World of the Abyss” (WOTA).

Our main aim is to create a really exciting game with the same level of fun we used to have with PC games like Lineage, etc. without auto-play, auto-battles, and other “self-playing-services”.

Big prize

  • 25 NEAR for 10 best questions
  • 1 Dark Prince NFT Chest
  • 100 Red Crystals
  • 25 lucky time

Answer questions from the audience

Q1 from Krill Lieh

Tracy: At a time of market volatility, some developers have left, and some are still focusing on perfecting their games. What about WOTA? What is your main focus at Wota at this time?

Ilya: “Our main focus is on game development. The core of our mechanics is F2P, and that’s why we continue making the game and concentrate on the game mechanics. When the market is back to normal we will have all the game content + all crypto mechanics”.

Q2 from Nuoc Mat Anh Roi

Tracy: How long has the game been being developed and how did you come from the Web2 world to the Web3 one?

Ilya: “We started developing WOTA around 3 years ago as a classic F2P mobile game but promptly understood the great potential behind the blockchain technologies and GameFi. So we decided to implement Web3 mechanics in the game and go deeper in this field. Thanks to our partners, who very professionally introduced us to this sphere.”

Q3 from Kalas HnikoV

Tracy: Let’s talk a bit about the gameplay of WOTA, what genre is it and what can we do in the game? And how to get an NFT chest?

Ilya: “WOTA gameplay mechanics is more like a classic MMORPG with both PvP and PvE modes. Apart from exploring the world and fighting with other players, you can create and join clans, conquer locations, and kill World Bosses in a party. We will have an Olympiad system, forts, castles, dungeons, clan wars, world bosses, and many more interesting mechanics and features, including Web3 features like Play & Earn, owning items such as NFT, DAO, pets and mounts breeding, etc.

By the way, you can check the basic gameplay even now, by downloading the WOTA beta version at Android/ iOS stores for free. Direct links could be found at

There are several ways to get NFTs:

  • win it at one of our AMAs, giveaways, or competitions.
  • mint it now at if there are any left.
  • buy it at a secondary market like”

Q4 from Noone

Tracy: Tell me more about the core team members behind World of the Abyss. What is your past experience? And which wallet would be supported by Wotaverse?

Ilya: “We have a cool team of highly qualified, expert, and energetic professionals with experience in developing game projects. We started as a small team consisting only of a few people. For now, we have 16 team members including us as co-founders and the management team.

Max Bondarenko is one of the founders, CEO, and main dev team lead. He has more than 8+ Gamedev, 3D Design Animation experience, as well as mobile apps marketing and ADs. He also ran his own AR/VR company called Mad Moil Co. for 2 years.

Yuri Shtepo, co-founder, CFO/legal with 20+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience in various areas: project & operations management, finance, and business consulting. Developed business & financial models and consulted for multiple companies and start-ups. Launched companies in the areas of manufacturing, business services, and online therapy.

And me Ilya Kulebyakin BizDev/ Communication/ PR/ Fundraising with 13+ years of business development experience in various areas including gamedev and blockchain industry; ​3+ years of management, marketing, production & events organization, experience at TastySound Records music label, ​3+ years of online community management & PR experience.

We have a very professional development & marketing team consisting of 13 people including Unity developers, 3D/2D/UI/UX designers, Game & Narrative designers, 2 marketing specialists including SMM & crypto marketing, and even an HR recruiter who finds us the best talents. If you are interested in more details about our team, you can visit our website at, you can check it out after this AMA session. Actually, we cover almost all our needs with the current team and with the support we receive from our partners.”

Q5 from Jul56502234

Tracy: For gamefi, educating players and leading the community are important. What are WOTA’s plans to build a stronger community, especially during this time of game improvement?

Ilya: “We are already building our community with F2P players, whom we’ll be showing the benefits of P&E, so they could try it, and hopefully become web3 players, if not they can have fun playing the game as F2P players. To make this transition smooth we will simplify the entrance by removing excessive authorization, just key in your game login/password and that’s it. So our community is growing and evolving as the game gets developed.”

Q6 from Girten Emra

Tracy: In quarter 4, WOTA will launch Token, so what method of play can help me accumulate benefits in the future? Does WOTA have any advice for players?

Ilya: “All crypto mechanics have a social aspect. There will be no endless farming of tokens and pay to enter the game. Players would not need to buy gear to make earnings, just play and earn. So I’m strongly advising players to learn how to trade well and create clans now to quickly boost earnings. By the way, there are already clans in the game, where players are improving their skills to get ready for skimming off at the global launch.”

Q7 from zee

Tracy: WOTA is a blockchain game based on NFT. As one of the main draws of blockchain games, most NFT games primarily focus on profits using P2E features. So, does WOTA prioritize the player experience both within and outside of the games in order to strike a balance?

Ilya: “P&E mechanics in our game are familiar to all MMORPG (the true ones) players. We put the experience at the top and just supplement it with the earnings option for those who need it. In fact, there are almost no mechanics that P&E players are used to, instead, we are focusing on training F2P players to our basic P&E mechanics to direct the flow there. So the main experience you would need with WOTA to make earnings is all your experience with MMORPG.”

Q8 from Jossantc

Tracy: What difficulties do you face when creating a project and how do you deal with them? What partnerships and collaborations should we expect?

Ilya: “We are working very hard to make our in-game economy and the gameplay very balanced. We do not want to implement any mechanics just for the sake of implementation. We want everything to be very functional, practical, and self-sufficient. We were having some difficulties with combining F2P and P&E economies because we wanted to satisfy both classic F2P players and Web3 players. We are working very closely with Vorto Gaming, TENK DAO,, and other experienced Web3 partners to solve those issues and build a very consistent game design and economy using their solutions and advice.

Actually, we have many offers for partnerships from many teams and projects, but we are very picky in this sense, as we are focused more on quality than quantity in everything we do, including creating partnerships.

For now, we are building very close and practical relationships with NEAR Protocol, Human Guild, Vorto Gaming, TENK DAO, Paras, and some more are in the process of establishing. We highly appreciate our partners’ input, help & support.”

Q9 from Loflen Tina

Tracy: I have viewed and followed the feedback from your community and the responses on the download market. What are your plans to collect all the new issues and updates for game players? And from an investor’s view, what are the benefits if I choose to invest in WOTA at the beginning? Why buy now?

Ilya: “We are constantly monitoring all our social media and reviews at the stores, putting them all together in our database, and solving the most often repeated issues. This helps us to build analytics to determine the root causes of all errors, so we could quickly fix them.

WOTA is a smart choice to invest in now, because: We are only 5 months away from the Global Launch in terms of game readiness.

Secondly, WOTA will attract quite a lot of players because it solves the pain of autoplay, which makes players sleep on it.

Thirdly, we are adding P&E mechanics as a response to the growing popularity of GameFi, we estimate at least 20% of new arrivals to the game due to this, and we also foresee quite a few F2P players converting to Web3 players.

And last but not least our in-game economy does not contain any elements of a Ponzi scheme, since it is mainly based on the F2P model of revenue generation, which is in-app purchases in the stores.

All the above makes WOTA a healthy and sustainable project that early and later investors can profit from.”

Q10 from Jerbin Vloog

Tracy: Experts say large funds are expected to enter Gamefi within the next year. What position would Wotaverse intend to occupy and what funds has it already received from lenders?

Ilya: “WOTA development has been financed through bootstrapping and also by a grant we received from Human Guild (Near). At the moment we are speaking to a number of potential investors to raise Round A funding to complete the game and for the Global Launch marketing campaign. Even though the market is now quite down, WOTA looks attractive as a source of future profits in the eyes of investors.

WOTAverse will be our next big step of the game development, we have not yet designed it since we are fully focusing on releasing the game as per the present concept.”


So through the AMA, Wota has answered some questions from many users in the community. Above is the information about the WOTA project so that you can understand the direction and what the project has been doing now. Thank you for spending your time and listening.

You can listen to the Recording of the AMA:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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