Aurora Grants

Purpose of Aurora Community Grants Program

The Aurora Community Grants Program enables the Aurora community to get financing for marketing and other activities that contribute to the overall growth and extension of the Aurora ecosystem.

The primary emphasis is on active, well established guilds in the community, as well as the geographic diversity of the guild’s members and regional influencers. Even if your community is in its early stages and has not yet developed a value contribution model, you are welcome to participate in the Aurora Community Grants Program.

Aurora Community Grants Program

Kind of Proposals

  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.);
  • Blogs, articles, guides, media;
  • Influencers and writers;
  • Hackathons, events, workshops, AMA, etc.;
  • Other marketing campaigns.

Team Members

Team members of the AURORA Community grants program include:

Responsibilities of team members

The following are the responsibilities of team members:

  • Develop guidelines for proposal submission;
  • Develop guidelines for reporting;
  • Review proposals;
  • Incentivize the Aurora Community to submit high-quality proposals;
  • Give feedback on time;
  • Review reports and prepare advice and plans to improve marketing activities and campaigns.

Guideline to Apply for Grant

Easy to do with three steps:

  1. Create a “new topic” in the Aurora Community category on the Aurora forum;
  2. Make sure your post title begins with [Proposal], please use the tag “proposals”
  3. Give a brief overview in the title, for example:
    [Proposal] August social media budget for Yabadaba DAO

Information of Proposal

What to include in a proposal:

  1. Guild, community, project name;
  2. The region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project;
  3. Links on social media and how many members in the social media;
  4. Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;
  5. Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time;
  6. Proposal summary, be sure to include:
  • What problem is the proposal solving?
  • How is the problem being solved?
  • Expected impact and value for the Aurora community;
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.
  1. Links to similar proposals on the forum (if applicable);

Note: Getting rewards can take up to 4 or more weeks. Please plan your proposals and funding requests.

  1. Funding Details
  • Total requested amount in USD;

Note: Approved proposals will be paid out in $AURORA tokens. The program aims to fund proposals up to $10000.

  • Near Wallet ID.

Reviewing process

Aurora Community Grants Program

  1. The team member will analyze your proposal and provide feedback on the forum before deciding whether to approve, reject, or request additional information. If more information is requested, the applicant has five calendar days to respond; otherwise, the Proposal will be closed, status [Closed].
  2. If two good judgments on the forum from Aurora Community grants team members, a request is approved – status [Approved].
  3. A proposal is rejected (status [Rejected]) if it received at least one unfavorable decision from Aurora Community grants team members on the forum.

If your proposal [Approved], you will receive a personal message in your mailbox on the forum.


The report is an essential part of transparency in the Aurora Community.

  1. Create a post “new topic” in the Aurora Community category on the Aurora forum;
  2. Make sure your post title begins with [Report], please use the tag “report”
  3. Give a brief overview in the title, for example:
    [Report] August social media budget for Yabadaba DAO.

Structure of report

The necessary format for this reporting, as well as proposed measures for project performance, are as follows:

  1. Please add a link to the Aurora forum’s Approved proposal.;
  2. The approved amount is $;
  3. Target wallet;
  4. Project Name;
  5. Project Status: In Progress, completed;
  6. Share information about achieved KPIs;
  7. Compare results with initial targets.

For further information, please visit the Aurora Community Forum.

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