We’re a pleasure to brief the big event for communities. If you can’t participate in NEARCON live, there is no time to watch the live videos again. Don’t worry about that, here is the highlight of NEARCON 2022 on the first day.

NearCon 2022 with outstanding numbers

In NEARCON 2022, The numbers that were achieved increased 5 times, even 10 times compared to last year. This proves that Near is interested in many users and will develop more in the future. 

Nearcon2021 vs Nearcon2022

At NEARCON 2022, over 3000 tickets sold out. Moreover, there are over 19M in the new account, 1.5K active developers. The number of projects has increased to 800 projects built on NEAR within 1 year and this number will increase even more in the future. Especially, the number of transactions and total value lock (TVL) has increased rapidly by over 200M and $600M, respectively.

Google Cloud on Bridging Web2 and Web3

Google cloud on bridging web2 to web3

In the digital age, Google Cloud has changed change from time to time. They are thinking about the type of adoption. This conversion is for the purpose of making it easier for users to use google. It is also synonymous with the developer’s frequency of work. In addition to changing to web3, it also makes a easy for developers to build javascript for smart contracts. That opens a new world to an existing developer base and Google Cloud has a large existing developer. Moreover, they have a role to play in helping onboard the large next set of users. Besides, a sizable Web2 business that enters the market modestly, which is why NEARCON is hosting this panel to let the audience learn how developers are creating in order to aid developers in creating quicker, safer apps.

NEAR Foundation Year in Review

NEAR Foundation year in review

NEAR Foundation is always aiming for the 3 simplest things:

  • Use without limits: Flexible account model – wallets that are user-friendly, simple to create, and easy to secure
  • Build without limits: Freedom of language – code in a language of your choice like Javascript, Rust or Solidity with our EVM, Aurora
  •  Scale without limits: Sharding – stop held back by the cost, speed, and stability of bloated protocols, and start unlocking unlimited scalability

Moreover, the mission of NEAR removes the barriers for Web3 creators and creates an ecosystem that is uniquely simple scalable secure, and sustainable. Not only that, they also create a world where creativity is no longer held back by any technological barriers a world without limits where one billion users can join. 

The role of NEAR helps users, and builders raise awareness of Near. In the same way, they support the ecosystem and finances to build the roads make the connections and help steewart the governance.

In a year, NEAR Foundation raised $560M in funding from top-tier investors such as A16z, Coinbase, Tigerglobal,, Dragonfly Capital, and so on. It distributes to the ecosystem and education.

NEAR in the future

NEAR Protocol will never stop growing and they are building for the future. There is something that only on NEAR:

  • Robust and flexible technology
  • Focus on the best user and developer experience
  • Supportive ecosystem and funding opportunities

The next generation of NEAR apps is infinite combinations of Web3 primitives, composability across fandom and verticals, curation across social networks, and last but not least new value creation within communities.

In the future, NEAR is going to launch more regional hubs in Vietnam, India, etc. Continued with users to explore existing projects. Moreover, they will customize and launch users’ ideas from the front end. They wrap the smart contract in a secure sandbox, manage the apps and bring it to the community, building connections.

Aurora: The New Horizons

We introduced Aurora Plus four months ago, and the top three bridges in the world have not compromised. Aurora cross-contract calls have the ability to interact with each other directly through calls and authorizations and coming soon this feature is available in aurora 2.7. It is great if users can launch solidity code. Moreover, applications already running in the ecosystem near the tokens are now able to be breached to Ethereum over the rainbow. Apps that were already running in the ecosystem near swappable tokens can now be breached to Ethereum over the rainbow so tokens like REF USN Paras are placed close to all meta. Mev chance on Aurora is about 5 million per month. It’s a great market for anyone developing MEV technology. The last about the UI is the referral program we are launching

Ecosystem updated

  • An awarded grant for Few and Far, a next-generation NFT marketplace built on NEAR, to advance NFTs throughout the ecosystem.
  • To highlight the accomplishments of women in Web3 and to highlight female role models in the ecosystem. NEAR presented the eleven winners of the Women in Web3 Changemakers competition.
  • The first and most popular stablecoin (“USDT”), Tether, has launched on NEAR.
  • In private financing headed by Pantera Capital, Sender Wallet raised US$4.5 million.
  • The first phase of NEAR’s Nightshade sharding was disclosed, enhancing its decentralization and scalability.
  • On NEAR, the Fireblocks integration became live.


NEARCON 2022 is a place where all projects and audiences interested in NEAR ecosystem converge. Through this event, people in the ecosystem will be closer and understand each other better. On day 1, NEARCON took place with 3 main themes: Layer 1 stage, Doomslug, and Nightshade stage.

You can visit here for quick skimming if you don’t have enough time

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