How to Farm on Pembrock Fianance?

Pembrock Finance officially launched its full mainnet at 13:00 UTC on July 23, 2022 with 2 main features: Farm & Lend.

Currently Farm on Pembrock is having very attractive rewards and profits with

  • APY +2000%
  • APR +300%
  • Yield Farming +295%
Farm pair

If you don’t have a Near wallet yet, you can read You can see the article on How to create a Near wallet. To be able to join the Farm you need to have $PEM & $USN, this is the farm pair available on Pembrock and has the highest % profit.

Swap your USDC/USDT to PEM/USN by Ref finacne

You need to prepare yourself an amount of $USB and $PEM. This is a pair of requirements to be able to join this farm.

  1. Go to
  2. On the menu bar on the right corner of the homepage, click “Launch App”
    Launch app
  3. On the right corner click “Connect your wallet
    connect wallet
  4. You can choose the wallet you are using, “Sender wallet” or “NEAR
    connect near
  5. “Next” and “Connect”
  6. Once connected, you will see the swap interface

    #1: Select “Swap” on the top
    #2: Choose the asset you currently have (in this case, USDC)
    #3: Select the asset you want to transfer (PEM in this case)
    #4: Set the amount of USDC and you will see the corresponding amount of PEM in box #5
    #6: Click Swap to make the conversionAnd If you want to buy USN with USDC you can change the selection in box #3 to USNAnd then select approve to confirm the Swap actionSo we already have an amount of USN and PEM to be able to Farm on Pembrock. Next step

Start farming on Pembrock

  1. Visit then on the menu bar select Farm
  2. On the next screen you will see the PEM – USN pair

    Here you can set leverage (the higher the leverage the higher the profit) and then click Farm to get started.
  3. At the farm setup page, you need to choose assets to deposit and assets to borrow and set the amount of Collateral assets you want.Scroll down and you will see a summary of assets, interest, profit,… After confirming the correct information, click Farm to continue.
    *Note: Please keep in mind that when you leverage above 2x, you will have a slight short on the borrowed asset. The other paired asset will have typical long exposure, so choose which asset you borrow wisely.

Problem & Support

If there are any problems or difficulties that need assistance, please contact

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