Learn NEAR is a very beneficial tool for NEAR Protocol investors. Nearity will demonstrate how to utilize Learn NEAR on Learn Near Club in this tutorial.

What is Learn NEAR?

Learn NEAR is a comprehensive learning tool for the NEAR Protocol network. The Learn NEAR application will include the majority of the critical information regarding the NEAR environment. As a result, you may totally rely on this application to study, explore, and improve your understanding of the NEAR Protocol, as well as the applications and platforms in this prospective ecosystem.

In addition to the above goals, Learn NEAR has a system in place to reward users with NEAR cryptocurrency. As a result, you have greater information and may earn money from this important activity.

Learn NEAR Club

What is nLEARN?

Simply said, nLEARN is a scholarship or a little prize for exceptional learners on the Learn NEAR platform. However, you should be aware that nLEARN is not a cryptocurrency and has no monetary value. You can only exchange nLEARN for NEAR currency or nLEARN for other things like caps and tees with the NEAR Protocol logo.

How do you earn nLEARN?

As previously discussed, Learn NEAR is a platform that not only allows you to learn but also allows you to earn additional benefits in the form of nLEARN scores. This excites learners and provides additional motivation for them to go further into the network.

So, shortly after that, we will begin studying using Learn NEAR and how to earn nLEARN.

To get started with Learn NEAR, you need to create an account that is connected to the NEAR Wallet.
Step 1: You access the Learn NEAR Club address.

Login to Earn

Step 2: You connect to the NEAR Wallet address by clicking on “Login with NEAR” and then selecting “Import Existing Account”. If you do not have this wallet account, click on “Create Account” and follow the instructions.

Connect NEAR

Step 3: After logging in to the wallet address, click on “Connect” to complete the connection of NEAR Wallet with the Learn NEAR platform.

Below is the Learn NEAR Club interface after connecting.


Read and answer the questions in the NEAR Guides

At the Learn NEAR Club homepage, click on the “Guides” item in the top menu bar. Here you can earn nLEARN by reading and answering questions in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem article.

The articles in the Guides area are likewise fairly diverse and are categorized into tiers based on the reader’s degree of comprehension. Lessons for Beginner, DeFi, NEAR Developer, NEAR Game, NEAR NFT, and so on.

Learn guide

Read the article in NEAR Guides

You just need to click on articles in the Guides section and read them to earn nLEARN. The more articles you read, the more incentive coins you get.


Answer the questions in the article

To see if you’re taking your studies seriously, the author will frequently include many multiple-choice questions for you to answer in an article. And, of course, if you answer properly, you will receive some nLEARNs.


Take a course at NEAR Courses

You can utilize the Learn NEAR platform to a higher degree after obtaining a particular quantity of nLEARN from the NEAR Guides category. That is taking courses at NEAR Courses.

To join, go to the top menu bar and select “Courses,” then select the courses you wish to join. Each course will specify the amount of nLEARN you need to stake.


After you are eligible and want to join the course, click on “Enroll now”.


These courses are an opportunity for you to earn a certificate for completing courses in the design, development, testing, and implementation of smart contracts on the NEAR Protocol platform.


Certainly, during the learning process, you can earn a large amount of nLEARN. However, these courses all require in-depth knowledge as well as require participants with certain experience in blockchain and programming to be able to complete the course with the highest score. Currently, Learn NEAR is offering 5 courses for you to explore.

Other ways to earn nLEARN

In addition to the two popular ways to earn nLEARN as shared above, you can also earn nLEARN by a number of other methods. Like sharing tutorials on Twitter or recommending Learn NEAR platform to friends to earn nLEARN through the affiliate program.


Exchange nLEARN points to NEAR

To change nLEARN to NEAR cryptocurrency, click on (L)Earn and select Redeem to (N).

nLEARN points to NEAR

After that, you have the opportunity to convert nLEARN to NEAR coin every 15th of every month. The amount of NEAR converted will go directly to the NEAR Wallet address that you have connected to the Learn NEAR platform.

However, you should be aware that converting nLEARN to NEAR is only possible if you match the following requirements:

  • For at least four weeks, obtain a Learn NEAR active membership badge.
  • Earn at least 64 nLEARN points.
  • Instead of skimming for nLEARN, learn honestly by reading and answering questions.
  • Earn a minimum of one nLEARN every week.

nLearn requirements

Exchange nLEARN points for items

As mentioned above, in addition to changing to NEAR coins, you can completely exchange nLEARN for other items such as hats, and shirts … on NEAR stores by clicking NEAR Swap Store.



Nearity hopes that this post has given you with valuable information regarding the Learn NEAR platform and opportunities to earn nLEARN. This is a critical venue for people interested in learning about the NEAR Protocol ecology. At the same time, you may supplement your income while studying. With this tutorial, you should have learnt how to utilize Learn NEAR, as well as how to gain knowledge and earn a large number of nLEARN to trade for excellent gifts.

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