How to use near wallet

A NEAR wallet account is required to easily transact activities on the NEAR Protocol. Follow our step-by-step instructions to use a new NEAR wallet account quickly and easily.

 Creating a new NEAR wallet account

Step 1: Access to create a new NEAR wallet account. Then, select “Create Account” and “Get Started.”

Near wallet

Step 2: Next, you will select your account’s security and recovery method. Because the NEAR Wallet is entirely non-custodial, account access is entirely your responsibility. There are three methods to choose from, including Secure Passphrase, Ledger Hardware Wallet, and Email. We recommend you select Secure Passphrase if you don’t have a Ledger hardware device. After that, click “Secure My Account.

recovery phrase
Recovery phrase

Step 3: Take note of twelve seed words Secure Passphrases.

Important: The seed phrase is only as safe as you keep it! If you want to keep access to your account, you must write down your seed words in the correct order and keep them safe. If you lose your seed words, your account is permanently lost.

Secure Passphrase
Secure Passphrase

Step 4: Please enter the required words, then confirm by clicking the “Verify & Complete” button.

Verify Phrase

Step 5: You have successfully created a NEAR wallet account. However,  you need to continue to follow these steps to be able to use the NEAR wallet.

Funding Your Account

After creating a wallet, you select “Deposit NEAR” and copy the “Account ID”. Then you can use other wallets to transfer NEAR tokens to your copied account ID. After receiving the funds, the number would be displayed in the line “Available Balance”.

Received NEAR
Received NEAR

NEAR Wallet Username Change

Step 1: On the home page, select Account on the toolbar, then the dialog box below will appear. Naming requirements are noted. If there is a sentence “Congrats!…..near is available”, you change NEAR wallet address. After that, you click on “Reserve My Account ID”.

Add a Custom Address
Add a Custom Address

Step 2: As instructed in the “create a new account” section 1, in this step you also do the same. First, you select a Security Method, and then you write down 12 recovery words to keep secret and physically store them in a secure location. Finally, you click on “Verify & Complete”.

Note: Because the words must be written in the correct order. Make a note of the number that corresponds to them. If you forget your secret pass, you will be locked out of your account indefinitely.

Step 3: Next, you have a balance of at least 0.1 NEAR to fund and initialize your new account. And then, click “Approve” and wait until the transaction is confirmed.

Step 4: If your screen displays this below image, it means you changed your NEAR wallet name successfully. Congratulations!

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