Octopus Accelerator Fall 2022

5 Winning Octopus Star Prize Teams to share $250,000 in total funding

The Octopus Accelerator Program conducts four Global Web3 Entrepreneurship Camps every year providing $1 million to fund 20 outstanding Web3 application chain entrepreneurial teams.

Application and attendance are free! We ask for no investment but your dedication to your concept and willingness to build an Appchain Testnet with Substrate.

The application deadline is August 13th. Apply here today!

The Accelerator Program Course

Each Accelerator Course offers seven “Course Workshops” with two additional “Special Workshops” focusing on the two major directions of Web3 entrepreneurship and user experience.

Course Workshop major topics include:

  • Introduction to Appchain Startups
  • Web3 Product Design
  • Brand Marketing in the Web3 Era
  • Crypto Community Building
  • Token Engineering
  • Regulation in the Crypto World
  • Fundraising

New Courses for Fall

The Fall Accelerator program is pleased to announce the addition of a new module, Brand Marketing in the Web3 Era, taught by internationally famous media personality and brand consultant Vivi Lin.

Web3 Entrepreneurship and User Experience are two widely anticipated additional Seminars for the Fall.

Showcase Day

The Accelerator Program Course concludes in Showcase Day, when ten projects are chosen to submit their projects for judging to a panel of select industry professionals.

Octopus Future Star will be awarded to five excellent initiatives, with each receiving $50,000 in funding.

Fall 2022 Octopus Network Accelerator Program Important Dates

The registration deadline is August 13th, 2022! A limited number of projects can be selected until we reach capacity!

Meet the Octopus Accelerator Mentors — A Web3 Community of Entrepreneurs

Octopus Accelerator is an Octopus Network-launched global Web3 startup community of entrepreneurs. Their purpose is to assist Web3 entrepreneurs in taking their first steps and to assist Appchain projects in growing in order to provide utility to Web3.

They have a strong team of mentors from the world’s top project teams with successful experience in various disciplines of business, so you may build your Web3 dream on the shoulders of expertise.

Join the Web3 Revolution

Together with both mentors and project founders, they will crack the Web3 application model, study the popular application chain cases, find startup partners to build with, and learn from each other while making progress together.

All Web3 entrepreneurs from all over the world are welcome here to learn, exchange ideas and discuss.

Octopus Network

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