The order book features grouping together sellers and buyers who have orders with similar prices. Therefore, DEX traders can successfully trade when their orders are matched with the commands of other traders. It offers many market liquidity benefits. There are some DEXes using the order book model such as dYdX on the Ethereum, and Serum on the Solana,… However, is the first DEX through order book on NEAR Protocol. Let’s take a look at with Nearity by heading over the following detailed information.

Dexes orderbook
Dexes order book

What is the is the first multichain DEX on the NEAR protocol that utilizes the on-chain Central Limit Order Book model with a liquidity pool.

Spin Overview
Spin Overview

What are the features of


Trading – LIVE

The current’s mainnet version includes the basic features for order book trading:

  • Order book matching tool (with the change of balance in a case book matching occurs)
  • Marketing and order limit
  • Maker-Taker Fee

Additionally, Spin also updates functionality by implementing orders and trade histories. Now, you can access to start spot trading on Spin.

Trading on
Trading on Spin
Fee Transaction on
Fee Transaction on Spin

Order Book

An order book is a list of current buy and sell orders in the market. The on-chain Central Limit Order Book model of the Spin not only approves users the ability to submit orders with stakeholders but also it is unsupervised and invulnerable to tampering, deterministic algorithms eliminate pitfalls in trading. utilizes a USDC staking pool, the liquidity of which is transferred to the order book. Order book


You can currently exchange NEAR, USN, AURORA, REF, and USDC tokens for USDC and vice versa. Fee transactions are 0.1 % when you swap NEAR, REF, AURORA tokens, and 0.04% with USN tokens.

Swap on
Swap on Spin Mainnet

NFT – Freaky Elves by Spin

The launches a special collection of Freaky Elves with 2022 JPEGs. Collectors who purchase these NFTs will benefit from the following:

  • Spin’IDO priority access;
  • Early accesses to future special features in alpha releases, etc;
  • NFT collectors can participate in private chats and social activities on Spin’s Discord.

Besides, you can explore and collect them on the Paras – NFT marketplace on NEAR Protocol.

Freaky Elves by
Freaky Elves by Spin

Derivative – Comming soon

Currently, the Spin Mainnet hasn’t yet launched the derivatives feature. However, they have also announced some upcoming functions, such as:

  • Perpetuals
  • Options
  • Trading architecture
  • Collateral
  • Unrealized PnL
  • Margin ratio & Liquidation
  • Multi-collateral
  • Cross margin & Isolated margin
  • Insurance fund: It will grow in proportion to the number of users trading on the platform, making the platform more sustainable. The insurance system is supported by two revenue streams: trading and liquidation fees from the Spin internal economy.

What is the SPFI Token?

SPFI token is a Spin native utility token that ensures the sustainable development of the platform and also provides additional incentivization opportunities for the community.

How to use the SPFI token?


SPFI token holders can participate actively in the project’s development by voting and making implementation proposals such as MakerDAO, Compound, and others.


Staking SPFI for using native token incentivization programs.
Discounted transaction fees.
Special deals for traders and market makers.
The rewards provide Liquidity
Increasing trading leverage.

Synthetic collateral

SPFI token holders will be able to use their token balance for trading as collateral. At the beginning of the period, only over-collateralized security will be allowed to guarantee invulnerability to the market manipulations and protection of user funds.

IDO information

Update soon …

Valuation by categories in the market

Update soon …


Roadmap Spin


Alex Pavlov – Founder & CEO 


Spin's Partners


Spin's Investments

Audited was audited by the Block Apex security team successfully. You can read the Spin Security Audit report at the link

Key Summary

  • is the first derivatives DEX running on top of NEAR blockchain as well as one of the earliest to offer order book-based spot trading.
  • 2022 JPEGs NFTs of Freaky Elves’ unique collections are sold on Paras and the NFT holders will receive precedence in IDO of the Spin.’s community

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