Atocha Protocol is a Decentralized Puzzle Game Protocol that is built for the curious, challenge-loving, and brave people around the world. Let’s take a look at the Atocha Protocol with Nearity by heading over the following detailed information.

What is Atocha Protocol?

We believe that a puzzle game is a tool that can inspire curiosity and bring out the bravery of everyone’s soul. With the protocol, as a result, one is able to create, play, and sponsor puzzle games in a fair and transparent manner.  The future positioning for Atocha Protocol is to become the world’s biggest puzzle game hub with NFT marketplace, and incubator ready to inspire one’s curious mind.

Atocha Protocol enables Play to Earn (P2E) and Create to Earn (C2E) features for the community through blockchain.

Highlight of Atocha Protocol

  • Built to be a community-owned protocol and to be operated by puzzle game enthusiasts through DAO as a result focuses on creating fair and fun puzzle games.
  • Atocha Protocol enables Play to Earn (P2E) & Create to Earn (C2E) features for the community through the blockchain protocol.
  • Will provide an NFT tool set to make next-generation multiplayer online games.
  • A Web3.0 app chain proudly built on Octopus Network, as a result of Near Protocol sidechain.


Token ticket: $ATO

The Native Token of Atocha Protocol is $ATO

Total token supply (minted upon TGE): 100,000,000 $ATO

Token use case

1. Interaction with the Protocol – Every interaction with the protocol like creating a puzzle, submitting an answer, as a result will trigger a challenge will have a gas fee charged based on the action taken.

2. Puzzle Rewards – Every puzzle can be sponsored with any amount of $ATO as Reward. The Sponsor can be Creators, Solvers, or Users that are not participating in the puzzle.

3. The Incentive for Good Behavior – As a result of participating in an Effective Puzzle, the creators and solvers are going to have the opportunity to get sponsored with $ATO by the Team.

atocha distribution

  • Total token supply (minted upon TGE): 100,000,000 $ATO
  • Team: 15% (3 years vesting)
  • Seed Investors: 10% (25% release when TGE,1year vesting for the remaining 75%)
  • Strategic Investors: 6% (25% release when TGE,1year vesting for the remaining 75%)
  • IDO: 6% (no vesting)
  • Community: 35%
  • Marketing: 8%
  • Octopus Network Validator: 20%

How does the Atocha algorithm work?

The ecosystem of Atocha is made up of Puzzle Creators, Puzzle Solvers, and Puzzle Judges. Firstly, the Puzzle Creators pay to have their puzzle published with the answer, deadline, participation fee, and price, and as a result they are paid if no one submits the correct answer by the deadline. Secondly, Puzzle Solvers pay to submit their answers and as a result rewarded when they find the correct answer. Thirdly, Puzzle Judges are compensated for determining the validity of a puzzle. Solvers can request their assistance, and if the judge rules that a puzzle is invalid, as a result, the solver receives a refund of the participation fee.

Atocha Algorithm

Game Mechanics

Atocha Protocol has a unique game mechanism that as a result aims to create a fair and rewarding puzzle game experience for the Users.

A. The Rewards & Points System: An incentive system for the users who are proactive and with good behavior.

B. Challenge System: An enforcement system that as a result ensures fairness and good faith in every puzzle game created.

C. Effective & Non-effective Puzzle: Different states of a puzzle are created based on the outcomes.

D. Rewards For The Users: Method of how users can earn Reward($ATO).


Q1 2022

  • Testnet launched
  • Puzzle Game V1 Webapp Demo launched
  • Launched Atocha Partner Program
  • Launched Atocha Puzzle Bounty Program
  • Appchain Registration on Octopus Network Mainnet
  • Launch of Atocha Protocol Ambassador Program

Q2 2022

  • Atocha Protocol Mainnet launching
  • IDO on Skyward Finance
  • Atocha IDO on NearPad
  • Atocha Treasure Box NFT launch
  • Launching of Atocha Near Guild
  • Launching of Atocha Benchwork Project

Q3 2022

  • 3 Running Puzzle Game Webapp on Atocha Protocol
  • Forming Puzzle Game Player Guild
  • Game Guild Collaboration
  • EVM Compatible Pallet Development
  • Near Marketing DAO collaboration

Q4 2022

  • Santa Treasure Hunting for Atocha Community
  • Launching of Atocha Protocol Governance DAO on native network









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In conclusion, Nearity finds the Atocha Protocol an interesting project. Firstly, it is the first decentralized puzzle game released on the blockchain. Secondly, the Atocha Protocol has multiple backers and investors. Most importantly, it has a record of executing accordingly to the roadmap, which is very important for new protocols.


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